Improvements Coming to Asia: A Matchmaking Test and Bots

Source: ASIA Portal

Through thorough research and feedback gathering, we have identified problems that we aim to rectify over time. We specifically noted two key issues with the current matchmaker:

  • Long waiting times in the queue (especially at Tiers I to V) on the ANZ server
  • Current matchmaking is often not enjoyable for lower-tier tanks as there is a high ratio of battles in which tanks can feel ineffective

To try and solve these issues, we will begin live trials to determine the ideal environment for our players; an Asia-exclusive micro-patch will be released on 13th November. Our trials will come in two-parts:

  • Tweaking the matchmaker to give more two-tier battles, rather than the most common three-tier battles in the 3-5-7 system
  • The addition of bots for Tier I to V battles on the ANZ server

This is only a trial for us to better identify and address these deeply rooted issues. The information gathered along the way will be invaluable in our quest to provide our players with an optimal matchmaking environment. We believe that the change will provide an improved experience for all players and we will monitor their impact on everyday gameplay.

Note: With your feedback, we can help shape the future of the game. We are eager to look at your comments during this trial and see how we can improve over time.
Let’s take a closer look at each feature individually.

Matchmaker Tweaks

We are hard at work on a complete overhaul of the matchmaker infrastructure and architecture, but as a stopgap to help alleviate the related issues, a matchmaking tweak will be released as a part of the upcoming micropatch.

IMPORTANT: As previously mentioned, this micropatch will be for the Asia server only.
This micropatch aims to maximize your battlefield experience. It does this by addressing two key points for all tiers:
  • Improve the combat experience for all tanks
  • Switching priorities to decrease the amount of battles where there are three tiers within a single battle

The trial matchmaker will switch its priority and increase the amount of two-tier battles when compared to the classic 3-5-7. This means that there are new templates:

  • 6-9 (for Tiers X and IX)
  • 7-8 (for all Tiers) [Note: This will become the main template for all players]

Also, those who take to battle in preferential Premium vehicles will see an increasing amount of battles with vehicles the same or one-tier lower. While it will be possible to get into a battle with vehicles one-tier higher, these instances will be rarer due to switching priorities.

This is just the first step based on the old architecture and we are adjusting it with a trial period. The statistics and feedback from this trial will be collected and analyzed later this year and will help create the future matchmaker architecture.

At the moment, there is no finalized date of when the trial will end, but the more it’s tested, the more information we will be able to gather.


The decision to add bots was taken to make the game more convenient for those playing at the lower tiers. We noticed that it was taking a long time to get into a battle due to excessively long queue times in Tier I to V combat.

With adding more tanks and vehicles into the queue, those who are new to the game or starting a new tech tree will spend less time staring at the timer and more time in adrenaline-fueled battles!

It’s important to get feedback on the new addition as this isn’t the final state of bots. With your feedback, we will constantly evolve and improve them as they can be incorporated in both Random Battles and special PvE events.

In case you missed it before, here’s all the details you need to know about the bot addition and how they will impact gameplay:

WAITING LIMIT: 20 seconds (or more) before the matchmaker adds bots to a battle
HOW TO DISTINGUISH: Colon (“:”) and a special badge
MAPS PLAYED: Karelia, Prokhorovka, Mines, Redshire, Steppes, Fisherman’s Bay, Ensk, Lakeville, Ruinberg, Murovanka, Erlenberg, Siegfried Line, Cliff, Sand River, El Halluf, Airfield, Mountain Pass, Mannerheim Line, Glacier, Serene Coast, Overlord


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  1. “Tweaking the matchmaker to give more two-tier battles, rather than the most common three-tier battles in the 3-5-7 system”

    So it is easily fixable with a simple micropatch? Why is this Asia exclusive? I’m waiting for this to come to EU, so I can play again. I haven’t played for half a year and this would definitely bring me back. I can imagine that a lot of older players are thinking the same.

    1. Same here. I was playing after a long break 3 weeks ago and I am not playing since that terrible expirience.

  2. Why is this ASIA only? Why not have added in the popular regions? We suffer since years from this 3-5-7 shit and I realy would like to have this thingy tested on EU to make the situation better and not wait another 12 months before something happen. ……

  3. bcs they need to test on small live server before release worldwide, no test server can provide them detail and data like the real live server

  4. There is no need to test these two new templates on ASIA only. The other regions suffer from that crap 3-5-7 template for 2 years right now.

    6-9 and 7-8 template would make the situation so much better already, even as a test. Also it would be better to test and check the feedback within a bigger population.

    I don’t want to wait another 12 months before we see any results.

  5. Remember when WG said they needed 6 months to fix MM problems? Guess it only just now occurred to them that simply making 5/10 more common was a possibility this whole time, just as we told them thousands of times in the past.

    At any rate, we’ll see how this experiment of theirs turns out.

  6. My guess is that they dont want to change 3-5-7 because it leads to shorter battles and therefore more games played, more credits lost and so more players available for low tiers or willing to spend money to skip grinds, grind more silver etc.

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