Data: Tier IX Tank Statistics

Same story as before, WR, DMG, and KPG are average values from Wotcharts.EU and Vbaddict, the others (Blocked and spotting) are strictly from Vbaddict. Each is weighed the same, 10 points each based on percentile performance relative to other tanks. Remember this is how AVERAGE players perform in these tanks. The percentile column is where the tank ranks (0 and 100% are excluded). Average score is a 25.55 with a standard deviation of 8.54, so basically the 430 is well above two standard deviations relative to the mean. Max score of 50.

I didn’t include XP because that just favors brawler tanks more and tracking assisted does as well, not going to hit tracks consistently in a tank 400 m away (I guess unless you’re a Swede td)

Some surprises here, other things not so much. Not surprised at all 430 is at the top considering that tank could probably be a tier 10 and still do fine, it has good armor, high hp, and some insane camo values. The 50TP, T95, and the AMX T9 heavy are all quite good too. The quantity of battles is important to consider too, obviously lots of people playing the T-10 probably means more new players.

I’m surprised the 257 isn’t better as that tank is pretty idiot proof. There’s few other surprises like I said but I’ll let the chart speak for itself.

I would like to be able to compare only the best players in tanks, but I don’t have that data, so RIP.

Special tanks (T-55A etc) excluded.

Enjoy – any suggestions welcome.

Edit: Also, T95 blocks 58% of incoming shots, which is absurd, never seen something that high, especially at higher tiers.


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  1. I am suprised RU and JT are doing that bad, played few games on RU for mission and 50 in JT, i liked both of those

    1. the problem with JT is that it used to have good armor (armor value stayed the same but pen on guns got better) and thus its armor became irrelevant, back when tier 8 mediums didnt have 200+ pen they couldnt pen you frontaly without using gold ammo, and even back then gold ammo wasnt as spammed as its today, so the only way they could do damage to you was to flank you

    1. Its not bad, it just got powercreeped. Main problem is the reloadtime and the gunhandling in the current state. Its armor is fine. And its a magnet for all weraboos.

      1. The E75 is a fantastic tank. The situation is that people start playing WoT to get the Tiger 1 and 2. And then they unlock the E75 but still don’t know how to play the game.

        I know cause I bought the E75 back in 2014 and had 1.8k DPG on it. I played it latelh and got 3 marks on it. It is a fantastic tank.

    1. Probably because people want to snipe in a T30, hence why it’s spotting is so low, as is win rate.

      T-54 is in a newb friendly line, and if you don’t play it hull-down you’re doing it wrong.

      Average players are baddies.

  2. 257 is not idiot proof…I’ve been playing since it got out….people spam gold or you face super retardHTs that will ignore your armour.

    ST-I is worse in my opinion(Also playing it for years) but it seems more normal player plays it.

    1. 257 is isiot proof because you don’t need to know how to use your armor. You can just drive sideways to 5 enemy tanks and they have probably even less chances of penning you than they would frontally. So you can play like an absolute imbecile and you still will do fine most of the time. Especially if you’re top tier.

  3. we have seen the table for Tier VIII, IX and X and there has been a clear tendency regarding the tanks at the bottom of the winrate list, they are usually not soviet, have been in the game for a long time and have rarely been properly rebalanced (cases like the T110E5 that was never truly OP and is now, after the”rebalance”/over-nerf, the worst Tier 10 HT ), there are also some exceptions with tanks that are highly skill dependent (Waffentraggers, for example)
    this is especially true for the US TT which is the TT that for the longest time has not been properly rebalanced and reworked to keep up with the ever-changing-META, one good example is having all 3 Heavy tanks (from the first line) at the bottom of each of their tables, but they are not the only case, it’s about tme they start reworking it as well as rebalancing some of the older tanks (like JagdTiger) because the rest (skill dependent tanks) are virtually impossible to make more “player-friendly” without making some of it’s characteristics totally OP

  4. 3 or 4 years ago the RU 251 was a killing machine in the right hands. 5s rld, super speed, camo and back then armor wasn’t too bloated so you could actually hold your own if you knew how to play but alas then WG came with camo nerf on bushes, even more cramped maps and armor buffs. In short a lot of tanks needs re-balancing now but knowing WG it will only become worse. Same goes for the PTA. Don’t know but light tanks used to be my favorite class but now I don’t see the point. There are a few maps where they can make a difference for the rest they are pure 3rd class support tanks.

    1. And meanwhile in WT RU 251 is still the most OP premium tank and a definition of pay2win after IS-6 got nerfed.

  5. I thought the PTA and the RU would perform a bit better than they actually seem to do, but all in all the tendency is clear imho – most German high-tier tanks are no longer really all that competetive (the Maus line being a notable exception). I seriously hope Wargaming will wake up and bring some generous buffs in the new year. And while they’re at it, they should consider nerfing the 430/430U, because these tanks are abominations in their tiers.

        1. WG said themselves that info will come this year. WG Fest seems like the best place to announce that, don’t you think? That’s why I wrote “expected”.

  6. “I’m surprised the 257 isn’t better as that tank is pretty idiot proof”

    Lol, have you played the tank at all ?
    Idiot proof as in idiots cant fight it, maybe. But any player with half a working brain can kill it easily. It’s possibly the worst tier 9 heavy tank :
    -LFP is super weak, as it should be.
    -UFP can be penned reliably with 250mm+ guns, so if he faces you directly you shouldnt have problems.
    -turret roof is an overmatch, so if he aims at you it’s an easy pen.
    -cupolas are easy to hit from any angle.
    -turret sides are weak and if the turret is angled a bit too much it’s cheese.
    -tank lower-sides are an auto-bounce but 150mm guns and above just overmatch it. And at that tier it’s not a rare caliber to meet.
    -tank upper-sides are not that armored, 220mm pen can go through it easily, and if it’s too angled then you either have the shoulders or the back available.

    Easy pen at any angle. To fail at killing it you must either spam it’s lower sides or upper hull as if it was any other tank. Once you adapt and know where to shoot (aka anywhere but the lower sides and ufp) even a tier 7 will own it. Git gud.

    1. You forgot something.
      Hm, can’t quite put my finger on it. *Accuracy is important*
      Nah, still don’t see it. I guess you’re right then.

  7. Hm, I’m just slightly surprised to see Conqueror just about average, it felt like a great tank before. Seems like armor boost over small DPM reduction and small mobility reduction didn’t help much.

    Although from heavies it’s 7th best, as I can see – KPG probably suffers from the comparingly low base dmg, stock gun is only 280 and upgraded is only 400, while in other Heavy tanks or TDs it’s *usually* over 500 base damage. Plus it’s still a big target for Arty and other tanks as usual since only front armor is good…

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