WoT: Upcoming live Q&A and AMA with Game Devs Coming Soon

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Hello ladies and gents!

Remember back in August when I collected your questions for a 2nd round of Q&A with the NA offices (and hopefully some questions to be answered by the Devs again)? Well, I have those answers. However, when I spoke to CabbageMechanic yesterday to make sure he had finished answering everything he wanted to, he asked me to hold off for 1 more day on posting anything, because he had something up his sleeve.

Well, guess what? As of today, it has been put on the agenda for next week that on Wednesday, the 14th of November, from 3-5pm Central (4-6pm eastern), there will be a live Q&A/AMA with Head of Development Andre Biletskiy and Head of Publishing Max Chuvalov.

And even better? It will be hosted here, exclusively on this sub! I will make a thread next wednesday ahead of time for it all to take place in. I will also post the name they will be posting under. Afterwards – probably the next day on thursday – I will release all of the answers from the last Q&A gathering session I hosted in August – though I’m sure by then, a lot of your questions will have been answered, aside from some Staff-specific questions.

Get your questions ready, and I hope you are looking forward to next Wednesday!

TAP will keep you updated on the subject.

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  1. Pretty much this. I’m hoping to have the thread up between 30 minutes to 1 hour ahead of time so there is something there for the sub mods to sticky for the session.

  2. I’m living in Europe so I can’t join as this stream is going to be very early in the morning… Are there plans for another stream in which Europeans can join?

      1. Well. If anyone would be willing to copy&paste one of my questions I would be very thankful! Cheers!

        Q: Did you ever notice that having any kind of explosion on the ice of Glacier, the sands of Sand River and the coal heaps of Pilsen always results in the dirt crater texture on the ground? Now that you do, are you thinking about adding more variation to craters left by explosions?

        Q: Could the game engine even handle the ability to shoot down scripted planes flying over our maps (planes that would always crash far outside the map borders and wouldn’t return after being shot down)?

        Q: Are there any plans regarding the SU-122-54?

        Q: We have no desert grand battles map. Are there any plans to change that?

        Q: Do you consider further 2D customization of vehicles consisting in allowing the player to compose his own division/unit number (3 digits maximum, a few fonts to choose from) that can be displayed on turret sides and hull ends, allowing for the recreation of some historical tanks?

          1. The problem is not that I’m impatient. It’s that I won’t be able to attend the livestream. I’ll miss it out completly and I’d still love to see some devs’ opinions on the things I’ve brought up here.

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