SU-130PM now in the game files

UPDATED with link to newest stats. Thanks to the readers for pointing it out!

Which means this Soviet tier 8 TD will arrive to the store pretty soon.

Link to stats

0 thoughts on “SU-130PM now in the game files

  1. its a better skorpion g…and the gold ammo is heat, it doesnt lose penetration on distance…so better alpha, average same reload, better camo, better gun elevation, and better gold ammo, and standard AP fly faster than on skorpion G. Skorpion is just better in aim time and reload but dpm stay the same average..and mobility not so much difference too…also buy it guys !

    1. Actually there are some big differences (not saying the Su-130PM is not good), skorp g has 0.3 acc while the 130pm has 0.35, also, skorp g has a fully rotatable turret, the 130pm does not which is a big deal in many situations. In the end it will still prob be an amazing td since it’s russian DA

  2. I notice they reduced the DPM by 400 and didn’t compensate it. i was already barely thinking about it, now there is no chance in hell this tank is worth my time. A worse Skorpion G, that is what this thing is now. i will now wait until the next premium TD that will have 560-600 alpha

    1. i am glad this thing exists now, though. i love pressing 3 in my tier 10 heavy tanks to delete skorpions and RHM tanks. especially my 680 alpha AMX M4 54. so fun. can’t wait.

  3. I have a russian magical 130mm on the isu130, and its absolutely terrible.
    The stats for that gun say 0.35 dispersion, but it plays to a 0.50 dispersion.

    And ALL other stats for isu130 make it an absolute handicap crippler to any team it’s unfortunate to grace its presence with.

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