0 thoughts on “LT-432 available on NA :(

    1. I will. Its the best tier 8 light tank in the game, cos WG is too idiots not make this the best in its tier!

  1. b*****t no-one will buy it –
    It has insane camo, ridiculous shell speed and stalinium armour. The pen isn’t bad for a light tank. Even if you aren’t happy with the pen, this will be the best tier 8 light tank and OP AF.

  2. No overpowered 100mm gun=no $$$ from me.

    Sorry WG, you raised the bar, and now you have to hop over it.

    Every. Fucking. Time.

    1. if the bar was set at the edge of the cliff I’m sure people would still jump over it to buy this OP POS.

  3. Well, by now this, the WZ-132 and the M41 90 are the only light tanks worth playing in Tier 8. Why? Because they are more or less medium tanks that traded armor and health for better camo. The EVEN might as well be the only exception since it’s so stupidly stealthy, but would you rather do the damage yourself, or gamble on teammates shooting at what you’re spotting?

  4. This tank is a joke. And not a good one. They are getting demolished on NA. People get too aggressive in them. Try to brawl. Not smart w cammo usage.

    But let’s face it. The role of the light tank is changing. How many maps can you truly play vision games any more? Very few. It’s about speed and timing the flank attack.

    1. To be honest, it is a learning curve for many. I bought the tank, yes I did get demolished on some maps early on. But once I figured it out, have been Getting almost 2k I spotting and starting to get closer to an average of 1300 damage per battle. Currently have a 63% win rate right now. Best battle had 2000 damage, 1100 blocked damage and 1900 spotting. It is great at flanking. Just each map is different for it.

  5. ELC Even – Camo!, Walker Buldog – Gun!, RU 251 – Speed!, T-54 Light – Armor!, Mati – Heart!
    With your powers combined I am Captain Balans.
    Background singers: Captaing Balans, he’s a hero, gonna take servers down to zero!

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