EMIL 1951 now in the game files


This is one of the vehicles specifically proposed by sp15 4 years ago, and finally a Swedish crew trainer for heavies. Expect it really soon in the premium store.

Link to stats

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  1. Gotta love WG. Emil 1951 been in-game for 2 years just incorrectly named the Emil 1 and incorrectly modelled turret. There’s the fact that the 10.5cm lvkan L/67 is a single shot gun while the autoloader version is the TK 105-9. The AV 1790 engine produced 810hp and is on numerous American tanks and also on the Kranvagn under the correct name of SFA F12. And the actual engine should be the SFA 8cyl boxer engine producing 550 hp but WG have it on the “Emil 1” with only 380hp.

    Swedish HTs aren’t exactly popular so it’s honestly WG’s loss of possible profit on releasing a premium tank with a rework of the Swedish line

    1. a tester said that it’s a pile of crap. Turret is nowhere near as strong as in the tree and the gun is wonky

    1. This thing is worse than the Emil I… And I already have a 5 skilled crew on my kranvagn. (X-mas ladies) The thing is that: When a premium tank is worse than normal tanks we all complain about it and don’t buy it, when a premium tank is better we all complain about it but still buy it. No shit WG introduces OP premiums…

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