“Dove of Peace” – Armistice style

For the third time, Wargaming is working with the charity War Child, specializing in helping children affected by armed conflict.

“Dove of Peace”, style will be available from November 8 to November 15 .


0 thoughts on ““Dove of Peace” – Armistice style

  1. Helping children who suffered in armed conflicts… Special camo paint for tanks, war machines of killing and destruction, albeit virtual ones. Fair enough. It actually even makes sense.

  2. So where can we buy this?
    I didn’t see anything on the official website. Is this only for a specific server?

  3. I find it ugly and cheap made.
    Olive branches plastered over a basic camo?

    This took less then 10 minutes to make.
    I wish for more effort…. – even the football ones were rather neat.

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