0 thoughts on “Bonus code – 1 day of premium

  1. are you fucking kidding. 11:11 is TAPS , WG you fucking retards, you want these people to be logged in, instead of observing the remembrance day services, you fucking ignorant fucks. Signed, a Vet.

  2. What if someone is working on that day? I mean yes, it`s a public holiday (in my country as well), but some people still have to go to work (usually people working in essential services like police, medics etc, some store employees as well).

    It`s just stupid. It should have been “Log in on November 11th”, and that`s that.

  3. Not possible for me due to work. Not a great loss for me, but somewhat inconsiderate of WG towards a lot of people. They really have a habit of messing up good ideas.

  4. Should have thought of the timing of this WG. Many people won’t be available at that time as they will be busy showing respect and/or working. Should make it an all day code.

    1. The Armistice Day on the 11th is generally an English remembrance. Australia and New Zealand use 25 April for our remembrance. It is the date of the landings at Gallipoli. Wouldn’t NA use Veterans Day?

  5. Many people will see this as disrespectful having to be on game at this specific time . Remembrance is respectfully observed by many commonwealth (former) countries. Shows a lack of understanding from wg , poor show.

    1. some people mourning, some people celebrating beginning of carnival season at the same time …
      guess you can’t please everyone 😉 but at least they tried

      p.s. i have never ever heard of remembrance day before, greetings from germany

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