Supertest: T-55A and Object 260

This time, the whole list of changes unlisted in the previous post on the subject.

T-55A (MT-9, Germany, special):

  • Improved aiming time from 2,01 to 1,92 s;
  • Reduced the aim spread when the turret is rotated from 0,115 to 0,096;
  • Reduced the aim spread during turret rotation at maximum speed from 5,29 to 4,41;
  • Changed engine power from 580 hp to 750 hp;
  • Improved dynamics and power-to-weight ratio from 15,47 to 20 hp / t;
  • The front armor of the vehicle has been improved:
    • Corrected front turret armor by 40 mm (from 200 to 240 mm);
    • Side turret armor improved by 20 mm (from 160 to 180 mm);
    • Gun mantlet improved by 40 mm (from 200 to 240 mm).

Object 260 (HT-10, USSR, special):

  • Increased damage per minute from 2 394 to 2 502,9;
  • Reduced reloading time from 11,027 s to 10,548 s;
  • Increased rate of fire from 5,441 to 5,688;
  • Aim spread reduction from 0,345 m to 0,336 m;
  • Improved aiming time from 2,4 s to 2,11 s;
  • Reduction of aim spread during turret rotation reduced from 0,077 to 0,058;
  • Reduced aim spread during vehicle movement 0,163 to 0,144;
  • Reduced aim spread during vehicle rotation from 0,163 to 0,144;
  • Reduced aim spread during turret rotation at maximum speed from 1,99 to 1,5;
  • Reduced aim spread whem moving at maximum speed from 9,78 to 8,63;
  • Reduced aim spread when rotating at maximum speed from 4,56 to 4,03;
  • Improved vehicle armor:
    • Frontal turret armor has been improved with 41 mm (from 191 to 232 mm);
    • The gun guard has been improved with 100 mm (from 250 to 350 mm).

0 thoughts on “Supertest: T-55A and Object 260

  1. Hope the changes go ahead, looking forward to playing my 260, the gun mantlet weakpoint sucked.
    Could do with 2200 HP aswell tbh.

    T55 changes look good, it was just a bad T54 after the T54 got buffed.

  2. I just wish that the t-55a got some pen buffs. All I want is for the standard pen to go up to 225 that’s all. Maybe and I mean just maybe a slight dpm buff like the 260 then I can love my t-55a even more.

    1. But by that you would not be forced to spam as much gold anymore since the standard ammo becomes more workable. Instead they buff it’s armor so opponents have to rely on gold much more as well. Increases the amount of credits spent and therefor the amount of actual money spent on premium and gold. Which just shows again that WG is not interested in creating a fun and balanced game just a money milking machine.

      Alternatively Players will get so fed up with all this bullshit (Defender on sale again as well) and quit the game and WG loses out big time. That will probably just lead to WG doing even more agressive monetisation and marketing to milk the remaining playerbase even harder. And then repeat.

      Makes me sad.

      1. Wtf are you talking about? There was literally NO reason for T-55A to have less armor than T-54. Now it’s going to be okay. And what pen buff you’re talking about? One of the guns on T-54 has exactly the same pen, it’s called HEAT-54 for a reason. If you want more pen in T-54, then it needs a gun handling and DPM nerf, fuck that. WG forgot about reward tanks? Fucking greedy cunts, they only care about premium ruski tanks. WG buffs reward tanks? Fucking greedy cunts, they just want more gold spam. Are you retarded?

        1. Are you? What the hell are you on about? This guy above stated he wanted a pen buff, I gave my opinion on the topic. You just jumped on me like an angry WG fanboy, desperately trying to defend what is not to be defended.
          As for the Turret armor on T-54, that got buffed a while back for no reason already. By the way the techtree T-54 for some reason gets the 120mm UFP of the early model (but the late turret and gun), distinguishing it from the T-55A.
          And yes, I hate to break it to you, WG does indeed want more gold spam as for the above mentioned reason.

  3. Considering it is the first reward tank you earn as a new player, the Stug IV deserves to be memorable. And it isn’t. I’d like to see handling buffs and an optional 105 Derp.

      1. 201/219, depending on the gun. the 330 HEAT-pen should not be the value looked at when balancing the tanks penetration.

  4. Can’t wait to get back to ye good olde 260 with those buffs. Looks quite decent and is probably going to be hella fun.

  5. Never had any issue with the 260 to begin with. The gun was already deadly, the turret armor was more than enough if you play it correctly (aka not staying immobile letting the ennemies aim at you)… The UFP could do with a buff because it’s still too easy to pen despite the angle, other than that those buffs are not needed at all.

    As for the T-55A : still a nerfed T-54, so no point at all.
    Those reward tanks are not like premiums. You cant just buy them, and getting them is way harder than a simple xp grind. So those tanks, unlike premiums, CAN and SHOULD be better than the regular equivalent, because you worked extra hard to get it.

    But it’s not soviet so I guess if you want a good T-55A just grind the russian mediums right.

  6. Wake me up when they buff the StuG IV and T28 HTC. (dont get me wrong T-55A needed buffs too but the stug and T28 need it allot more.)

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