Defender? – NO SH*T

Well, sort of!

Will you recognize it without the flag painted on its tough turret? No? Strong armour – does it ring a bell? Still nothing? How about amazing alpha damage and good penetration?

Aaah, finally you get it. We are talking about the Defender. Now, this is its classical version, but don’t worry! Even without this flag, the Object 252U is as powerful as its branded brother, plus it gives you extra freedom when it comes to customisation. With its thick and well-sloped front armour, this tank can charge its way into battle while its BL-13 gun will scare the literal hell out of its enemies. Have a look at the specific tank guide for more information on its gameplay.

So add this absolute unit to your arsenal right now!

Price ≈ 57€.

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  1. WG solution to obviously overpowered tanks – either keep them as they are (Object 430, Object 268 v4, etc.) or sell them again after claiming they are bad for the game (Object 252U).

    Part of me is salty that I’m not getting this beast, the rest is very happy that I switched to WoWs.

            1. all I feel for you is pity….. what else can I say about a man who claims he has all 3 reward tanks from 2nd campaign, never played any of them and still managed to 3 mark them all

                1. He does have a point, though. It’s nice that you have a Defender and that you have three-marked it and all, but how exactly did this little piece of information contribute to the discussion in any meaningful manner? It’s not really as if anybody cared, you know.

  2. WG must have had really bad econimoc number lastly. Either that or someone went completly insane in Minsk or Cyprus.

    This thing will on the one hand bring them a huge income, for sure. but on the other hand this will mean bad PR, and I mean BAD. they stated, they are not thinking about selling Defender again. yes, the do not – technically. but Obj. 252U is just the same.

    such a facepalm!

    1. Sorry, but thats bullshit. You made a story out of nothing. So to speak “Fake News”.

      They just made a statement that they are no think about to sell it for now. That statement came as the RU/NA region sold the Defender again in February 2018.

      “we have no plans to put this vehicle on sale on the European Server for now”

      Thats all. Over and over again people take such statements as “They said this tank will never come to the shop again” and complain. But there is nothing to complain about.

      And out this Fake News people start to invent new stories, that they just tricked us with the names and thats the new all-time low of WG. Maybe it would be helpful just to think yourself the truth.

  3. For that price? lol. Tho WG did see an opportunity to make this a bundle only tank. I’m surprised it was not in a €99 bundle only.

  4. Called it.

    And nobody can really say it was a surprise. We saw how they treated the E-25 : “It’s too powerful, we will never sell it again. Except in two years.”.

    Or the Type59. “A legendary vehicle that will stay event-only so it keeps it’s rare status.”

    Or the preorder/Beta tanks.

    All I’m waiting for now is the SU-76I, The PzV/IV A, and I think that’s about it. Those two are the two last tanks that havent been sold again after they promised not to sell them again.

    1. But the ONLY time when they actually broke their word is with Super Mutant, it was SUPPOSED to be exclusive, but WG sold it to everyone and original wallet warriors were pissed that they’re not special anymore. That’s it. So your comment looks very confused, you probably don’t know what you’re talking about.

      1. -The KV-220 T was supposed to be a beta-only tank.
        -The E-25 was supposed to never be sold again because too OP.
        -The Type59 was supposed to never be sold again because legendary.
        -The Mutant was supposed to never be sold again because preorders.
        -The PzII J, BT-SV and MTLS were supposed to never be sold outside of box-editions of the game.
        -The Defender/252U were supposed to never be solf again because too OP.

        The only other tanks which havent been sold again as promised (so far) are the SU-76I and PzV/IV A.

        As for the tanks that were pulled for being “too OP”. I wouldnt even be mad if they were reintroduced later into the shop, IF BY THE TIME THEY ARE SOLD AGAIN THEY ARE NOT AS OP AS THEY WERE.

        For the E-25, while it’s still completely broken when toptier, at least with all the new tier 8s it suffers more now.
        But the 252U, it is still essentialy an IS-7 hull at tier 8 while keeping the firepower of a good tier 8.

        1. “-The KV-220 T was supposed to be a beta-only tank.”

          For the Russians maybe, like how the Beta Sherman was Beta only for EU and NA players.

          “-The E-25 was supposed to never be sold again because too OP.
          -The Type59 was supposed to never be sold again because legendary.
          -The PzII J, BT-SV and MTLS were supposed to never be sold outside of box-editions of the game.
          -The Defender/252U were supposed to never be solf again because too OP.”

          Prove it dude, you are full of shit until then.

  5. When it first came out I bought it because I was grinding towards the IS-3 and it seemed like a great trainer. Little did I know how hated they would become. I was on vacation and logged in special just to buy it. Didn’t play it for three more weeks. By that time people were already giving me shit and focusing. “Why’s everyone so mad? I just came to play?”

  6. Defender is OP, but its not as broken as some other stuff.

    But it is a tier 8 prem so the issue is magnified.

    1. It is magnified because unlike regular tanks, you dont have to grind your way to the tank. You can just get your wallet and instantly obtain an overpowered tank.

      Also because even by powercreep standards this thing is insane. At tier 8 there isnt anything this strong.

      This is tier X armor, tier IX (or VIII TD) alpha, normal mobility, normal accuracy for this nation and tier, normal/good dpm despite everything else… This tank has zero downsides. This is simply the best tier 8 heavy tank in the game right now and it’s behind a paywall.

      This is why it gets more attention. Because it’s the definition of pay2win. In a game where its toptier, if the ennemy team doesnt have an equivalent OP premium, they simply lose.

      1. As others already said, I see 8 out of 10, Tier X battles in my Defender. There the tank is OK. Maybe one in thirty battles I am top tier in a tier 6 game. OK, then I feel sorry for the tier 6 that can not even pen my rear side…
        Overall it is a great money maker this tank! Makes tons of money! I prefer it to the Type 59 because with its all around armor you can go everywhere.

      2. AMX cdc killed defender. Like literally. I got both 252U and CDC, and CDC can’t pent the shit out of it frontly or even the sides.

  7. Time to take out my Jap Heavies I guess.
    So you got bullshit armour? Have some premium HE.
    A pity that I don’t have any real arta that can see the Defender.

  8. “300 per cent., and there is not a crime at which it will scruple, nor a risk it will not run, even to the chance of its owner being hanged” Thomas Dunning

  9. “Wahhh, selling OP tank again, waahhhhhhh!”

    Who cares?
    7/10 battles it sees tier 10’s that sh!t all over it anyway, lol.

    1. Yeah, same goes for tier 6 and 7. In 7/10 battles you have to deal with a Defender and the team with the most Defenders wins in most cases.

  10. The truth is, WG.WOT is on shortage of funds. The 1.0+ tremendously improves the graphics but the balance and match maker still pain in the a**. Plus, WOT has been lack of new game mode for long time. As the result, 1.0+ has never bring the profits back. This is the reason that WG.WOT lost their mind, they’re just following their economy model. Another info is that WG.WOT has never given update to Chinese server which runs by a local company called KZW, because they request more fund from KZW but KZW refused them. Well, still hope WG.WOT can get their profits back and fix this chaos.

    1. I agree that 1.0 must have been a huge disappointment for Wargaming. Instead of bringing players back into the game, the number of matches played suffered a remarkable and, worse, sustained drop after its release – see It is a bit of a shame, because I think Wargaming did a fantastic job with improving the graphics, but it was entirely to expected. Cool graphics are a nice extra, but this will never make up for flaws in the core game design.

  11. Selling this again, same goes for some other premiums btw, does not positively add anything to the balance and quality of this game. As long as Wargaming handles paid content as “frozen content”, a.k. non changeable after release.

    The positive I see are the WHALES paying Wargaming for things like this. You keep the servers rolling for those fewer f2p and the slowly declining average player numbers.
    So, my salute, albeit a cynical one.

  12. It does not really matter anymore if Wargaming introduces overpowered tanks into the game. The truth is that WoT is a highly unbalanced game, and that is never going to change. You can either accept it or leave and play a game with balanced matchmaking.Or you can use the system to your advantage, get yourself a Type5 and spam premium HE all day long. At least as Wargaming is concerned, that would make you an exemplary player.

  13. I will never, ever, never, ever open or install World of Tanks in my life 🙂 … this f%in money milking retards don’t give a sh^t about their community, all they want is MONEY. And there will be always stupids to give them money.. waste of time this game, It’s 2018, this game must go down.

    1. But it’s still the best online game with tanks and it’s still bery popular. Why should it go down?

  14. I keep reading cries about how overpriced WoT is.

    Instead, try playin Legacy of the Beast (an Iron Maiden based game) at Android phones – their prices are outrageous!!! That is what I call Pay to Win. Important bundles ate always EUR 109,99 and if you want to be in the top, you have to either play 16 hours a day, or keep buying at least 5 of those every month.
    I do neither, but it is still a good example that there are even more expensive (not even full scope PC) games out there. Which make WoT look like a reasonable priced game (but, in my opinion, still too overpriced, of course (where are the days when we bought a game for EUR 30 and that was it – fun for years…?:( )).

    1. Consider this – you can Red Dead Redemption 2 for roughly 60 Euros, a game that has taken nearly 8 years and a budget of several hundred million of dollars to produce, and which will provide you with hundreds of hours of state-of-the-art gameplay. Or you can buy a virtual tank that will have cost no more than a couple of ten thousands for design, implementation and testing, that will prove of limi

      1. (Sorry, can’t edit, so here’s there rest ) That will prove of limited use in the game unless you never want to train any other crews but Russian heavies, and which will be less and less effective over the years due to the ongoing powercreep. And no, you cannot resell it later unlike a used console game. Now, I do realize that the comparison is a bit unfair since Wargaming has to finance an ongoing online service which will certainly cost quite a lot of money, but at the end of day, 60 Euros is still a LOT of money for a virtual item. And yes, there’s a lot of rip-off going on in the mobile sector, but you should rather compare WoT to services such as League of Legend, which are MUCH cheaper. You really shouldn’t shed a tear for poor Wargaming. After all, Viktor Kislyi is one of only very few billionaires in the gaming sector.

  15. This just further proofs that WG is a crooked scum company. It’s just fucking abysmal. They won’t have my money any more.

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