Data: Tier VIII Premium Tank Statistics

It’s that time again folks. The below chart is tier VIII premiums only. Keep in mind this data is based on basically average player skill. I used Win rate, average damage, spotting, Blk %, KPG, and Gross Income (credits) for metrics. I used data from VBAddict and averaged win rate, DPG, and KPG from both Wotcharts.Eu and Vbaddict to get a more accurate value. Each category is weighed the same amount and is percentile based so it’s measured relatively to other tanks (IE Defender gets 10 points in Win rate while Panther 88 gets 0 points for win rate). Preferential MM tanks are highlighted yellow and this data doesn’t reflect the recent buffs but they were minor so probably won’t change much, maybe 1-2 points etc. I removed some of the more rare tanks (For example IS-3A) so not every tier 8 prem is in this. I also removed all duplicate tanks except Defender/252U so people can just see how the data paints a consistent picture (since Defender/252U basically have same score, 2-3 points difference is negligible).

Obviously this chart is not perfect, but it doesn’t mean the chart isn’t useful.


Key Points:  Defender is OP, even WG admitted it, and it’s not surprising it’s at the top. The other tanks at the top are all great as well (T-44-100, Progetto, etc). Also the bottom of the list is no surprise; Panther 88, CDC, Patton KR, etc are all known to be awful. Keep in mind this is how AVERAGE players do in these tanks.

I’ll do tier 9s next. If anyone has any other data (I can manipulate any data, doesn’t have to be about tank performance) they’d like to see, let me know and we can discuss it (Sure, I’ll help you with your math homework too). I can be found on TAP discord.