Data: Tier VIII Premium Tank Statistics

It’s that time again folks. The below chart is tier VIII premiums only. Keep in mind this data is based on basically average player skill. I used Win rate, average damage, spotting, Blk %, KPG, and Gross Income (credits) for metrics. I used data from VBAddict and averaged win rate, DPG, and KPG from both Wotcharts.Eu and Vbaddict to get a more accurate value. Each category is weighed the same amount and is percentile based so it’s measured relatively to other tanks (IE Defender gets 10 points in Win rate while Panther 88 gets 0 points for win rate). Preferential MM tanks are highlighted yellow and this data doesn’t reflect the recent buffs but they were minor so probably won’t change much, maybe 1-2 points etc. I removed some of the more rare tanks (For example IS-3A) so not every tier 8 prem is in this. I also removed all duplicate tanks except Defender/252U so people can just see how the data paints a consistent picture (since Defender/252U basically have same score, 2-3 points difference is negligible).

Obviously this chart is not perfect, but it doesn’t mean the chart isn’t useful.


Key Points:  Defender is OP, even WG admitted it, and it’s not surprising it’s at the top. The other tanks at the top are all great as well (T-44-100, Progetto, etc). Also the bottom of the list is no surprise; Panther 88, CDC, Patton KR, etc are all known to be awful. Keep in mind this is how AVERAGE players do in these tanks.

I’ll do tier 9s next. If anyone has any other data (I can manipulate any data, doesn’t have to be about tank performance) they’d like to see, let me know and we can discuss it (Sure, I’ll help you with your math homework too). I can be found on TAP discord.

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    1. T-44-100 is OP as balls. WG buffed this thing so more people will get Rostelecom internet, it’s ridiculous.

  1. Excellent post, great content!
    Interesting, ELC Even and M41 90mm have very high win rates and very low other stats…
    Tier IX is going to be extremely interesting because it is the most balanced one.

    1. What that tells me is that these are useful in their respective niches, and don’t need to deal or block as much damage to have this usefulness. But on the flipside, not being able to deal/block as much damage means less carry potential.

  2. WG for once, do the right thing here and do not sell this thing. You have so much other tanks and can make new ones. Just don’t sell this thing again.

    1. If WG sold the Type 59 last Xmass (via loot boxes) then they will sell Defender too, even if it won’t be soon.

    2. They should sell a nerfed version and call it the Object 252U (N). Tweak the armor a bit, reduce the price a little.

  3. Statistics without at least standard deviation and error estimation is time waste. Obviously the Skorpion G or Löwe is rated too bad in this list, some other crappy tanks like T34 or FCM are way too good. But this is not surprising, because the T34 was a very good tank till 1 year before the HD patch was released.

    Very interesting is the block rate of the IS6. It exists dozens of threads that the IS6 armor is too weak, this statistic says it is too strong, like the armor of the Defender. And this is exactly what I observed in Wot.

    1. Skorpion G in the hands of a bad player is awful.. no armor is unforgiving and bad players will just redline snipe, end up with 1000 damage, and then die or win the battle.

      Lowe is not easy to play like Russian heavies, your armor is strictly existing only if you are hulldown or sidescraping, you’re slow and huge also, and if you make a mistake you’re dead.

      Also Is6 armor is not as good as Defender armor, not even close. Remember Is6 stats are inflated because it has pref mm and won’t see tier 10s, defender sees tier 10 all day long, and when it sees tier 6 and 7, its game over.

      Standard deviations are not possible considering I don’t have anything except average values. I don’t have data points, just averages.

  4. WoT players:
    « the Chrysler K is so f*cking OP »
    it’s WR is just barely 50%, it’s way better than the non-premium heavies in the US TT, BUT the US TT “sucks” because it has not been worked on for a long, long while, like the much older T34 that is below 50%, it’s just barely below but it’s still below

    1. the chrysler has op armor for its tier without any frontal weakspots except the lower plate (which is around 215mm effective), but the gun on that tank is pure garbage, just like the t32, 198 pen on a tier 8 HT is a fucking joke, and wg should srsly consider buffing them

      1. and that is exactly what makes it balanced, that is why it’s winrate is barely over 50%
        most players opinion was also largely influenced because some of the guys that had more visibility for their reviews of the Chrysler K have above average skill, overall most players will not know how to make use of the low pen gun unless they use gold ammo

        1. ……also, if it’s about OP armour the fact is that the Chrysler K isn’t even the most powerfull in the tier, there are the obvious choices (KV-5, Obj.252, VK 100.01, etc..) but there are others, the Kirovets-1 has the same effective armour thickness (250~260) and also has a better angle for the lower plate, and there even some that reach 300+mm of effective armour thickness, and we can’t even argue the C.K mobility is better than others, sure it is not slow but the turret is in the rear, if you are 1-on-1 with someone having a front mounted turret you only need to get a bit on his side to shoot him in the flank, and with 198mm of pen the C.K needs that, but since the turret is on the rear you have to get your whole tank on his side to take those shots

          1. I’ve never really had a problem dealing with chryslers, I barely see them in general.

            Rather play my Lowe tbh.

            Lowe can fight tier 10s with ease, probably right up there with Skorpion and Defender vs tier 10s since it actually has workable turret armor and high pen.

          2. the kirovets isnt even a released tank, its upper plate is more or less the same as the chryslers and where do you get that it has a better lower plate, its ~190 compared to chryslers ~215, the reason why more people prefer the patriot over the chrysler is the better gun, id rather drive a tank with shit armor (cuz armor is useless in the game anyway atm cuz of gold spam) and a good gun, than a tank with good armor but cant do shit vs tier 9 and 10 without spaming gold, whats the point of a prem tank if half of your shells fired per game are gold

            1. Guys its not that the Chrysler is op, thats not true, Chrysler is broken because u need prem ammo to pen it and u need to use prem ammo to be effective in it. So its a win win for WG with that particular tank

  5. Winrate stat works perfectly fine for sorting such table. Creating an index from all these stats is pointless… >_>

  6. Thank you for the work, but unfortunately all this is to me is a scale of noob-friendliness and not a measure of tank effectiveness.

    I wonder how the T95E2 stacks up?

  7. i know that the KJPz 105 recent but i wonder where will it fit in the chart? Same goes for the 90mm version

    1. Camping TDs are usually doing worse than their more flexible brethren and KanJPz 105 is not even very good at camping. Yeah, it doesn’t have annoying siege mode and is very mobile but the gun handling is awful. And 90mm version is even worse with it’s pathetic peashooter.

      1. Played a lot of matches recently in the KJP and I agree on your judgement. The aim time is too long, especially given the very poor DPM, and the much-famed gun is sometimes surprisingly inaccurate. Couple of days ago I missed the full side of a Maus at less than 300 m two times in a row, and I had fully aimed. Disappointing.

        1. Oh yeah, I forgot about poor DPM. There is no reason why it should have lower DPM than Skorpion or Charioteer for example.

      2. KanJpz is an AWFUL tank, the 105 and the 88.

        People say it’s like an E25, but its not, the dpm is awful.

  8. I’m surprised by Lowe being so low. I guess it’s a tank that reds do horribely in since for anyone green and above the tank should be amazing – great VR, comfy gun, works really well in +2. What’s not to like?

    1. its an ok tank in the hands of a good player, but a lot of the Lowe drivers are idiots, because better players invest their money into better premiums that will earn them credits at a better rate, tanks like the patriot or the scorpion, or maybe one of the recently buffed prem mm tanks

      1. Lowe is a balanced tank but it’s very slow and bad dpm.

        Also you won’t bounce off the side of it like you will vs russian heavies from time to time, because blyat.

        don’t know why the sides of russian turrets have some hugely armored spots, but yeah.

    2. I agree. After the buff (9.15?) my stats in that tank really improved and it holds it’s own against tier X when played properly (also because of good gold round). As long as you can hide your lowerplate, can be hulldown or sidescrape, you could do quite good in that tank.

      It could use a DPM buff, but the Löwe had one of the highest accuracy percentages of all my played tanks. So I guess the effective DPM is fine.

      And it makes shitloads of credits. More than the newer premiums.

      1. I wouldnt say it makes a shitload of credits, considering that the AP costs 1k credits per shell and “only” does 320 damage

  9. Btw guys, official VK group just posted ST info on new tier 8 german light and an updated Chieftan.

  10. Game is a joke. Not only do the HD maps have more cover so you can stay hull down, they also have stupid bushes behind ridges you you can stay invisible and snipe and not get punished. HD maps were a joke, they introduce bushes and hull down positions on the most stupid places ever. Combine that with turret armor inflation and you have a gold spam-luck game. Only a handfull of tanks are viabl i.e. those with good turret armor and punchy guns and mobility (russian HTs and MTs).

  11. Arent Primo Victoria and Cent 5/1 nearly identical? If so, why do they differ so much statistically?

    1. Cent 5/1 has actual hull armor, unlike PV which is Mark 3, pretty much. I’d also say that way more people got PV.

  12. Lets buff all UP tanks and then buff the previously OP ones as well because that is progress according to WG, right? You can’t just buff tanks all the time because that screws up the game concept. We alreaddy have many tanks that lacks weakspots for lower or same tier tanks, we also have guns which are more accurate, have lower aim time and more alpha than ever before. Combine that with retarded map design and you have a campfest and gold-spam fest.

    Constantly making tanks “better” is not the way to go. No. All tanks needs to be re-balanced and have stats that are similar to those in the old days, and gold ammo needs to go. You should get rewarded if you flank and track and aim weakspots and push flanks as a team. Now anybody can just go to the nearest chokepoint, stay hull down and spam gold or HE on anything and stall the whole fucking game.

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