0 thoughts on “LT-432 size comparison

  1. If I see a lonely Type 4/5 I will give him a hug and probably dance a little with this limbo dancer of a tank.

  2. the tank is long but really thin not much bigger as the elc even 90…and this tank is small from the profile ! think the obj432 has a good camo in comparison to other lights (ru251, bulldog, bc-12t, t54lwt, Hwk, wz-132, etc…)

  3. The magic log! Russ..*cough* magic Wargaming engineering!

    In the blink of an eye: a crew member gets out! Unfastens the magic log on the back and places it on the ground behind the tank. Then the driver reverses, driving onto the magic log…behold! The tank gains a magical 2 deg of depression even in swampy conditions!
    Russian logs are the best!

    /sarcasm (a)

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