Supertest – The T 55A and The Object 260

Source: EU Forums

Hi tankers,

Today we start the Supertest of the Object 260 and the T 55A. Our intention is to make these vehicles up to date again. Their status demands that they should play as reward tanks earned by performing hard and complex tasks. The T 55A will receive improved turret armor, close to the one that the Soviet T-54 has after the HD update. The gun will gain in firepower and in parameters, that are responsible for enjoyable play. The tank’s mobility will increase, too.

The Object 260 will become tougher and meaner. The turret protection will be bolstered (first of all, in the gun mantlet’s area). We’ll also increase the firepower; improved stabilization and rate of fire will make a nice bonus for those who managed to achieve the top reward of the personal missions Season one.

The stats are not final and may change depending on Supertest results and feedback. Please follow the news and best of luck in every battle!