60TP Lewandowski & Conqueror Gun Carriage – Witcher Style Camo Mod

A delight for any Polish player! Available on the official mod portal:












Have a nice night, everybody!

0 thoughts on “60TP Lewandowski & Conqueror Gun Carriage – Witcher Style Camo Mod

  1. Instead of this clown crap making the news, did you notice that War Thunder got a major update this week and now it has ships for everyone? I think it’s a huge thing and deserves to be mentioned

    1. Who gives a shit about WT anymore? Well, I do, but who else? Snails fucked up the release of their boats as if it wasn’t bad enough after 3 fucking years of testing and moneygrabbing. It’s really fucking bad.

    2. Because WT is shit and their “ships” are not interesting.

      What people were hoping for were big ships like in WoWs except with WT’s realism. What we got instead are tiny boats with tank guns on them.

      And WT as a whole is bad, the grind is horrible, the gameplay at high tier is worthless. Even for realism you’d be better off installing mods in ArmA III.

    1. this may be a silly question: is aslains mod pack “legal”?i remember it having that thing it let you lock on targets thru solid objects…….maybe even a reload counter…..its been a long time I used it(one of the clans I was in made it a “must have” thing)

      1. Aslains has always been legal. Mods that became illegal with time either got removed from the modpack installer or were optionnal with a warning (in case it was still legal in some servers).

  2. A little off topic:
    I use the M41 90 model as camo mod for M41 90 GF blackdog and it worked perfectly fine for years but since 1.2 the display is flawed. Anyone else experienced this? Any ideas for solving?

      1. I did not know I could switch the tank to get rid of the black camo. Please tell me how! I must’ve missed that.

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