0 thoughts on “LT-432 finished model pictures

  1. This thing is a must have for me. Simple as that.
    Who will buy the Chinese bulldog? Hahaha. Hope they figure out something unique for that version, because I would never drive it. Especially not when I have the German version.

  2. Just today I was fighting a T100 with a Lowe. I know I’m bottom tier but he still bounced three 105mm hits .

  3. those angles will make that thing bouncy as hell. that is was the game surely needs – more LTs, that are better at bouncing shells than most MTs and even some LTs.

    if you compare this thing to the LTTB, its just plain better. alsmost the same goes for the M41 90mm, which has only a little better gun (with MUCH slower shells …) and 20m more viewrange. but don’t even dream of bouncing anything in the M41 …

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