Werewolves vs Vampires Sneak-peek


Hey guys!

As you know we have a pretty cool Halloween event going on in the game at the moment (more info here) However, since this is a separate game mode we also wanted to give you something entertaining in Randoms. So we did a bit of brainstorming, involved our art team, video team, live operations team etc and reached out to two of our popular contributors to create a nice little event for you for next week. Usually you only learn about these things after the fact, but this time I wanted to let you guys in on some of the details a bit earlier. Let’s see how it goes!

What is this?

It is a fun event organized by the EU community team for Halloween with. The idea is to give you guys some fun missions to play, an entertaining stream to watch, some prizes to win and for us to be silly and dress up for Halloween  (like last year)

How does it work?

  • The event Will have 2 Rounds (with a possible 3rd round for a tiebraker)
  • Round 1: A 3 1/2 day event starting on the 23rd and finishing on the 26th. You will be able to participate by activating a bonus code, joining either the the werewolves or the vampire factions and completing a mission. The faction with the most mission completions will win the round.
  • Round 2: We have invited 2 popular streamers to the office to be the champions for the Werewolfs and the Vampires. They will play for 2 hours in a platoon on the stream to decide the 2nd round. Highest base XP in the match wins the faction 1 point. The faction with the most points wins Round 2
  • Round 3: If Round 1 and 2 are tied we will modify the rules a little bit for the next hour and decide the eternal war with some more gameplay

What can I win? 

The event is mostly meant for fun, but you can still earn things like some nice personal Reserves, a garage slot and if your faction wins, also a style (existing one) for a specific nation, either France or Germany.

When does it start?

The portal article announcing and starting the event (it will have the two bonus codes) will go live in the afternoon of the 23rd.

(There will be in-game promotion screens for both the event and the streams.)

Where can I watch the stream?

On the streamers channels as well as our official YouTubeFacebook and Twitch. The official YouTube stream will also be embedded on the WoT portal.

How can I see who is winning

We will update the event article once every day, but I will be able to give you guys more regular updates about the state on the forums. I know that it would be more ideal to have this integrated into the game, but that is not doable for a small regional event especially while a big global one (Dark Front) is also going on.


This event is organized by the EU team as an event in addition to the Halloween mode, it won’t be able to (and it was not meant) compete with the Dark Front in terms of prizes, in-game integration and complexity. (managing the expectations here :) )

Let me know if you have questions! I don’t want to spoil the whole surprise, but I am sure I can give some more interesting tidbits about this.

Werewolves rule! :izmena:


p.s. The first comment of the forum:



0 thoughts on “Werewolves vs Vampires Sneak-peek

  1. You know why they added this Dog vs Bat thing ? Its because their current Event is garbage. Its a boring, non rewarding grindfest. With op Bots that use cheataimmods, can 360 noscope you on full move and have too much dpm or dmg or both. Youre driving around collecting Slimers sperm on a short 7min limit while getting snapshotted from 400m by some BDR bot, while in the end you get nothing.

    The best part about this event is that the Bots are controlled serverside by WGs cheap chinese servers. This Event and the increaded computational power that these Bots need, result in the Servers beeing all time at 100% and I bet they even overheat. If you asked yourself why in the last time the game started to lag like hell, there you have your answer.

  2. Are you really having a issue with the bots? Lol
    Ignore them and only follow the green stuff. Head back when you have 50% HP. And turn back when it’s around 35 seconds left of the battle.

    I do agree it’s to repetitive and prefer most of the other evens. Bring back the moon 🌙

  3. I liked the last event mode.. It was a imporvment over this crap.. But eh.. Least Free exp you don’t need convert gold with..

  4. well, as much as can be said about the Dark front, even that idea is nice and good for WG to experiment on bots (which might be more and more needed – be it on lower tiers or servers like NA or SEA to keep down the MM-times.

    and sometimes it might be better to have bots in your team than some of the real players (“Ei Pley phor phun! *hurdur*”)

    and for the event of the article: neat idea. nothing superspecial, but a nice little idea. why not? *thumbs up*

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