Shop 2.0 – small update

This month, Shop 2.0 will receive a small update. Below is an initial list of changes for the future Store 2.1 :

A filter panel has been added for personal reserves in the depot. Players complained that it is difficult to navigate through a large number of reserves, hence the idea to restore the filters available before. In the future, it is planned to improve the interface so as to facilitate the navigation of possessed reserves;

  • When buying items, you will see information on how many products of a given type are in stock and how many are on vehicles;
  • A button has been added to restore default values ​​for filter settings in the depot and store;
  • The filter’s “logic” has been improved. From now on, when choosing a tank, only items and equipment will be displayed, which are worth installing on it;
  • New sets for the store have been added;
  • Tabs have been refined (better space management).