Shop 2.0 – small update

This month, Shop 2.0 will receive a small update. Below is an initial list of changes for the future Store 2.1 :

A filter panel has been added for personal reserves in the depot. Players complained that it is difficult to navigate through a large number of reserves, hence the idea to restore the filters available before. In the future, it is planned to improve the interface so as to facilitate the navigation of possessed reserves;

  • When buying items, you will see information on how many products of a given type are in stock and how many are on vehicles;
  • A button has been added to restore default values ​​for filter settings in the depot and store;
  • The filter’s “logic” has been improved.Β From now on, when choosing a tank, only items and equipment will be displayed, which are worth installing on it;
  • New sets for the store have been added;
  • Tabs have been refined (better space management).

0 thoughts on “Shop 2.0 – small update

  1. omg! WG listening to customer feedback? is WoT really in such a bad state?

    but to be honest: I appreciate the changes (both to the shop and also WGs behaviour).

  2. Because it\’s shop.
    If players complain that it\’s hard to spend money they will improve it. πŸ˜€
    Anyway, i still prefer old shop. Why they force this one, i will rather spend money and credits in old one.

    1. Well, the current state of MM and overall balance makes it harder for me to spend money, actually. I haven\’t played for half a year and I don\’t think I\’m the only one.

      Happy players pay more money. WG has a lack of longterm vision.

      1. Well their current mindset is along the lines of trying to retain current players and milk the game for all its worth. WoT right now is in a sorry state which is ironic considering WG relies on WoT as its only real bread winner since their other ventures have been met with little to no success.

        I\’m just glad in the 7 years I\’ve played that I\’ve only spent $100.

  3. \”When buying items, you will see information on how many products of a given type are in stock and how many are on vehicles;\” Thank god for that. How they could have forgotten about this when designing the new shop is a mystery to me.

  4. It\’s difficult to navigate through a large number of reserves because the icons are fucking huge. Not just due to lacking filters alone. I\’m scrolling for half an hour to find something on most of the depo tab now vs before.

      1. well I tend to log in late(at about 11 pm) for an hour of game play… that time(according to in game counter) there were about 60-70k on weekdays and 90-100k on weekends players online…now there were 45-50k and 70-80k respectively….that is about 20% difference….but as you say it is probably \”just me\”

        1. no, it\’s not \”just you\”. if I look at the stats from WoT-News, there were roughly 106k players on EU in November last year. right now (October 2018) there are 76k players, meaning roughly 25% less.

          nothing yet, that causes problems to the matchmaker (longer queue), but nevertheless not good for WG. and if I keep in mind WGs activities in the last month, they see that, too.

          lets just hope, they fix the bigger problems fast enough. because besides all its faults, I still enjoy WoT most of the time and still hope for a longer life of the game.

          1. He said last seven days, so obviously he was comparing with the time before the seven days. He did not say the last seven days compared to the same seven days one year ago.. That is why I said what I said.

            If we talk in general, then yes, the amount of people playing has dropped a lot (on all of the servers). A lot of people are talking about that and some have taken a look into statistics (for example there was a video by Yusha).
            And considering how \”well\” WG is dealing with the main issues I think the numbers will keep dropping.. (cannot say that I want the game to die, but the way the game is right now, I want to play less and less)

    1. well, their team is most likely rather big. and guys designing the UI for the shop are for almost sure not the same ones, that could take care of balancing problems (OP tanks, prem ammo, etc. etc. – looooong list for sure).

      so in my book this update is a (small) plus, even if there are much bigger at hand to be solved.

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