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Today marks the beginning of the Supertest for a Viking newcomer: the Emil 1951, a Tier VIII Premium Swedish heavy with an autoloader. Gameplay-wise, it’s an ‘Emil I Lite’: the Emil 1951 has less armor than its progression counterpart but is more mobile. There’s one less round in the barrel of the Emil 1951, but its aiming parameters are better and it shoots faster than the Emil I.

The hull of the Emil 1951 has less protection, and to compensate it has a new 400-hp engine, bringing its specific power up to 15.15 hp per ton. Not a great difference to the Emil I, but certainly noticeable: the 1951 will move faster and accelerate to the top speed way quicker.

How will this tank play? Much like its progression partner, but more energetic: less covering, more movement. The barrel that unloads quickly also presupposes a hit-and-run playstyle: fire three rounds and fall back without taking any extra risks.


Depending on test results, we may change the stats for the Emil 1951, so we’ll publish the final ones later. Stay tuned!


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  1. After this time , being witness at this game development , playing etc… all i see is premium tanks production / selling / sales / shit etc… this mean 1 thing for me. The game is dying , the retards from Minsk are getting desperate about money. Let me tell you something , shits from Minsk: \”if you want money , you must work for them.\” If you are not able to be a correct person then pass the game to one.

    1. Salty comment but speaks the truth.

      Been saying it for a long time, the dev team obviously spends 90% of their time on \”Content\” on new premium tanks while 90% of the existing content remains broken, whether it\’s maps or existing tanks, it doesn\’t matter.

    2. Do you remember Excalibur? basically AW but with attack helicopters as a class that WG is making? I\’m imagining WoT is in this situation cause WG wants to put it out to pasture so Excalibur may replace it as the main title. Plus they\’re making a FPS and you know how potent a properly done FPS can be in todays market

    3. It\’s not like you HAVE to buy the new premium tanks to keep up with meta or something. And this is a swedish premium heavy, which is very much welcomed. Plus the thing doesn\’t look OP for now and who knows when even it goes on sale. It may be months. It may be never. Who knows? And stop with all this shit like \”the gaem is dieying all this tiem it died 8 years ago nobody plays it now players are dropping I\’m great analysysator game will be ded in a year honest\”, \”greedy WG shit fuck jews fuck shit ass suck money money shekels ahahah I\’m not retarded I swear\”. It was old in 2015 already.

  2. I will say this, it\’s about time they had a premium for grinding their upper tier tanks. If I was in charge of WG, I wouldn\’t release a new nation, or even a new line, unless I had premiums ready to also be released to cover the types of tanks it will have.

  3. \”There’s one less round in the barrel of the Emil 1951\”

    So there are no rounds in the barrel?

  4. Looks like a decent Tier VIII Premium. Not OP… I wonder why? Oh wait, it\’s not Russian I get it.

  5. I welcome this tank. It maintains the trend of finding premium tanks that have an actual analog. It doesn\’t play exactly like the Emil (which has been one of the most dominant tanks Ive played at-tier), but has some quirks.

    Lets be frank. Running a development studio with hundreds and thousands of employees, and running game servers costs $$$$$$$. We need to stop complaining that Wargaming is working to monetize their game so that they can keep this operation going. How do they make this coin? They have to sell us stuff, and on a regular basis. What WG does offer you are multiple models on how to fund the game, you can do premium time 1/yr or more, you can buy big-ticket items like prem tanks, or buy smaller chunks like gold or boosters.

    Lets stop complaining and applaud their releasing new content

    1. I\’m thinking about going for the emil 1. I want to have a good tier 8 heavy tank in my garage for future frontline (lets hope for a comeback). I was wondering what equipment you went for on the emil 1..

  6. People when WG tests a new premium Russian Heavy/German TD/American Medium:

    OMG WG sucks, how many Russian Heavy/German TD/American Medium do we have in the game already? Why not release something for the branches we don\’t have premiums yet?

    People when WG finally tests a premium tank for a new nation/tank class:

    OMG WG you are so greedy, always just spamming new premium vehicles instead of doing X/Y and you just want to kill off the game.

    1. It\’s more that we already have the Emil 1951 in-game for the Swedish tech tree… WG just have it called the \”Emil 1\” so we don\’t particularly need this clone. If the armor was actually different and actually had a considerably more powerful engine/higher power to weight then this many complaints wouldn\’t be here.

      People would be happy

      If they renamed the \”Emil 1\” into the Emil 1951 and then released the actual Emil 1 with its pike nose with historical armor and mobility (which would actually make it less armoured and more mobile then the current tier 8 which WG are apparently saying this clone is meant to be despite having essentially the exact same stats)

      Yes it would be the same design as the tier 9 and 10, but it would be the size of the current tier 8. It would also have a different playstyle to the other HT\’s due to it having less armor and more mobility, which WG apparently want this to have…

      OMG, did we just figure out how to make a premium tank that people wouldn\’t complain about being a clone and would offer something new to the tech tree as the first premium HT for the nation?


  7. Since Uncle Serb is not so \”close\”, monetization is really good. Why, bcs WOT is NOT ultra-mega-giga hit as it used to be for first 3-4 years, so money has to be made in all possible ways, not just \”fucking\” players and make them pay for any useless shit in the game as it used to be under Uncle Serb. Current handling is very nice from my point of view, bcs it brings all the goods for money without significant p2w and retards like me can play this game as long as we pay some reasonable amount every month.

    Yup, this is just my opinion, it has nothing to do with TAP or Therealisnes 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. I think a lot of the issue is that we see news that there\’s new premiums being TESTED more then we do tech tree tanks. We associate the tanks being tested as tanks that are coming… but the reality is very different. We literally just got the Caernarvon AX which enter supertest over a year ago. Then there\’s the point that not all premiums tested even make it into the game.

      Because premium supertest news comes out more frequently then tech tree tanks that tend to come out all at once affects the players perception about the state of the game

  8. WG could actually soon make a complete new Nation Premium Tech tree at Tier 8
    it could run alongside the normal Nation Tech tree\’s

    then at some future point delete every Nation in-game T8 tech tree and replace it with the new T8 \’Nation Tech tree\’s\’

    and who would even notice!
    with the fast new-player turnover that WOT has now found itself in now?

  9. Swedish premium? cool. less armor, one less shell than tech tree version? cool. looks balanced

    1. CHANGED MY MIND! SAME TURRET ARMOR. NERF THE TURRET. if the mantlet is a weakspot, nevermind.

  10. Ok where to begin ranting. For starters, this is basically the exact same fucking thing as what we have at tier 8 in the tech tree. It\’s somehow 2.5t lighter to get that power to weight Despite having the exact same armor. It\’s also got a lower RoF and DPM then the tech tree tank.

    I honestly didn\’t think that WG could butcher the Swedish HTs more then they already had…. oh how naive I was.

    Then there\’s the little matter that the \”Emil 1\” we have in the tech tree is already the Emil 1951. They would have been better off renaming the the tech tree tank into the \”Emil 1951\” and then using the Emil 1 (same design as the Emil 2 and 3, but same size as Emil 1951) as the tier 8 prem

  11. Game isnt dying. Look at it this way.
    – so much research went into to finding \’viable\’ tanks for each nation. This made the line 1-10
    – \’other\’ tanks, proto-types, experiments were held modeled and eventually turned into premium or split line tanks.
    – Selling these \’other\’ tanks for $$ is a way to recoup the R&D for these tanks.
    – WG is making an effort to have a Tier 6, 7, 8 for each class for each nation.
    – When there arent many more tanks to add, then the focus will be shifted to \’other\’ issues in the game.

    1. \” so much research went into to finding ‘viable’ tanks for each nation. This made the line 1-10\”

      Research that WG then through out the window, kept the designs and pulled random numbers out of their ass to make

        1. Swedish HTs would have been more popular and better balanced with their historical armor and mobility stats. Guns would probably have been better as well

  12. I\’m happy this will be a thing. Was interested in the Swedish heavies since the line came out but couldn\’t be arsed to grind seven tiers of trash to get them (and no I don\’t have access to tons of free exp), seems that I won\’t have to after all. 😀

    Also good that the tank is not OP – monster when hulldown, hardly a threat everywhere else.

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