27 thoughts on “WOT watches

      1. Laughing at something makes me salty now?

        Aren\’t you the guy who copied someone else\’s username?

  1. Too bad they are not the watched that I would wear, otherwise I would buy them. If they were on par with seiko xkx I would go for them

  2. Ohhh look shiny new watches from Wargame for there WOT players
    my mates will be SO impressed bet there gonna be so jealous of me in the pub, all those sexy girls will be looking at me (wink .. betcha!

    Yes please I will buy all 3 please price? looks like €250 each you think? so classy

    take my credit card WG!

  3. They aren\’t real-world watches – they are virtual watches for your tank crews. But you wont see them in game if you have the \’display only historical elements\’ clicked.

  4. I\’m confused. What are those things? What is a watch? I think I remember people wearing them in the 90\’s. I\’m hoping they come out with WoT cast iron stoves next!

  5. Made in Minsk. Quality control very poor but sturdily built and weigh in at 10kg per watch so uncomfortable for the average crewman. Will tell good time till the the battery, specific to the watch and made in Minsk, dies after two weeks. New two week battery is $12, 90 day battery $43, 6 month battery $72 and 1 year battery $122.

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