Kanonenjagdpanzer 105 Pre-Sale


When you get ammo-racked from two kilometres away with hurricane-like wind speeds and you are going at 80 km/h, you know you just got sniped by the new Kanonenjagdpanzer 105!

Germany and accuracy go hand in hand, perfectly reflected by the Kanonenjagdpanzer 105 (KJP 105). This Tier VIII tank destroyer boasts an excellent base accuracy stat, improved by its standard APCR rounds with an extremely high shell velocity. Hit enemies reliably, no matter how far away they may be or how fast they are going, no sweat. All thanks to its powerful 105 mm gun, which also packs a serious punch, complimented by a good rate of fire.

Of course, the KJP 105 got a lot more to offer. For example, its low profile and consequently high camouflage value, allowing you to stay hidden while punishing the enemy. And to top it all off, the excellent mobility: get to crucial positions quickly, and change flanks in a short amount of time – so you’re always there where you’re needed the most.

Don’t miss the chance to be the first to add this instrument of precision before it will be released to the public! All you need is a Premium Account (more info on Pre-Sales here). In case you would like more information on its play style, have a look at our tank manual dedicated to this fearsome tank destroyer.

Price ≈37€.


0 thoughts on “Kanonenjagdpanzer 105 Pre-Sale

    1. Simple – tomato player misses a shot on ensk, it flies through the server and ends up on another map. Credits goes to whoever was driving a soviet tank on the other map.

    1. If you just want a tank, you get the tank. If you want the tank and something extra, you pay something extra. What is \”assholes\” about that?

      1. To be fair, paying 38 Euros for a virtual item is already more than hefty when you compare this to other online games. I agree that not even giving us the follow package for this kind of money is a dick move by Wargaming. They can keep their tank as far as I\’m concerned.

  1. DPM looks like it\’s on a lowe side,compared to other TDs or even heavies. I\’m not sure if it\’s mobility is enough to make up for that. Unless it\’s cammo is better than UDES or S1. Then I could see it being usefull on at least some maps.

  2. I think it is still not worth it.
    There are better prem TDs out there (even German ones), at the same tier.

  3. $10k spent on WG account, and because I\’ve just let premium account lapse for first time in 8 years, no invitation to early access.

    Nice wg nice. Good to find where the line is drawn.

    Also, latency and lag spikes to your local server, and a players individual quality of hardware they are using determines a fair percentage of accuracy…so…it\’s not JUST about a tanks stats.

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