25 thoughts on “WoT : How to play : Kanonenjagdpanzer 105

  1. Damn, I have to wait until 8th to get this thing on RU. And we don\’t get pre sales this time sadly. It\’s probably the only premium I REALLY want. But then again, I have pretty much every other premium in the game, which is also kinda sad.

  2. I remember ppl going apeshit about the previous one (the Knn 90) so many times. What makes this one so special? Exact same thing with a more punchy gun but a lot less reliable,

    1. What do you mean by “a lot less reliable”? I’d say it’s a lot more reliable, since you can actually pen somebody.

      1. hm.. maybe. Never bothered with either of them. Did some reading when the first one came out, and decided not to bite.

  3. Well I did the trade and is quite good now honestly Not OP and that is nice, if only the gun was a bit more reliable and less RNG it would be a good tank I’m pretty satisfied plus getting it for free along with the style is nice too

    1. Maybe buff a bit the HP and camo, only one of those things and it would be a balanced premium

  4. the new Kanonenjagdpanzer 105mm

    guys I have both and tried them both out today for 5 and 6 games each (got mine 50% off at £16 + new KJPz Camo included

    It \”is\” 100% better as a T8 TD as regards the 105mm Gun
    I find the 105mm Gun Handling is also 100% better (no misses no bounces 50% of time

    Camo values are both Exactly the same so Identical – mine with food is at 50% on both
    its also same for the speed its very quick to 70kph

    importantly I\’m making far more credits and XP with the 105mm version (get a 10 – 5x XP mission as well

    for my money £16 I\’m quite pleased at this 50% reduced price as well

  5. Of course it will be good now, wait for the stealth nerfs.\”Natural power-creep\” 25% RNG and hidden stats, and shiny new prem, selling like hotcakes, might turn into a mediocre potato.

    Like it never happened before.

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