WoT : How to play : Kanonenjagdpanzer 105


15 thoughts on “WoT : How to play : Kanonenjagdpanzer 105

  1. Damn, I have to wait until 8th to get this thing on RU. And we don’t get pre sales this time sadly. It’s probably the only premium I REALLY want. But then again, I have pretty much every other premium in the game, which is also kinda sad.

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  2. I remember ppl going apeshit about the previous one (the Knn 90) so many times. What makes this one so special? Exact same thing with a more punchy gun but a lot less reliable,


      1. hm.. maybe. Never bothered with either of them. Did some reading when the first one came out, and decided not to bite.


  3. Well I did the trade and is quite good now honestly Not OP and that is nice, if only the gun was a bit more reliable and less RNG it would be a good tank I’m pretty satisfied plus getting it for free along with the style is nice too


  4. the new Kanonenjagdpanzer 105mm

    guys I have both and tried them both out today for 5 and 6 games each (got mine 50% off at £16 + new KJPz Camo included

    It “is” 100% better as a T8 TD as regards the 105mm Gun
    I find the 105mm Gun Handling is also 100% better (no misses no bounces 50% of time

    Camo values are both Exactly the same so Identical – mine with food is at 50% on both
    its also same for the speed its very quick to 70kph

    importantly I’m making far more credits and XP with the 105mm version (get a 10 – 5x XP mission as well

    for my money £16 I’m quite pleased at this 50% reduced price as well


  5. Of course it will be good now, wait for the stealth nerfs.”Natural power-creep” 25% RNG and hidden stats, and shiny new prem, selling like hotcakes, might turn into a mediocre potato.

    Like it never happened before.


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