The STGs Stand on Guard


The STG brothers are our Collector’s Gems of the Week!

Looks can be deceiving: these medium tanks don’t feel typically Soviet. Most Soviet machines are known for their toughness and resilience, but also for their unpredictable accuracy. But these comments don’t apply to the STG and the STG Guard.

Their rear-mounted turrets are tough, for sure, but these vehicles will not absorb much damage. Instead, they will rely on hiding places and cover to survive, while their great gun does the rest. Known for its precision, penetration values, and a high alpha damage (one of the best among Tier VIII medium tanks) this boomstick makes the STG and STG Guard two dangerous snipers!

Whether you’d like the standard version or the colorful and patriotic Guard version of the STG, check out this offer!


15 thoughts on “The STGs Stand on Guard

  1. STG needs either a DPM buff ar gun handling buff to be actually decent. 1,7k dpm and 0.21 dispersion on the move is a joke for MT.

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