Which premium tank could it be?



Hint: Kanonenjagdpanzer 105


13 thoughts on “Which premium tank could it be?

      1. I read about that, too – but I completely think it was a hoax! For free? From WG? They even let people owning an IS6 or T 34 pay 50% of its regular price, just to get a new paintjob (aka black edition). They will never give a ~30 ruromoniesheqels tank to anybody for free. Would be nice, but I really doubt it.

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        1. well they did give premium tanks for free at some point. Got my T34 for free when they replace it with the M103(back then when the T34 is tier 9 and T30 is tier 10 heavies)

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      2. People bought a tank and then WG released the same one but with a different gun so why should they get another one for free? Sure, your reasons might make sense to you but WG goes first and they’re a business so they’ll try to make money.


    1. I swear if we don’t get the KanonenJagdpanzer 105 for free or super cheap as an owner of the KanonenJagdPanzer 90mm ( and 3marked it ), I’ll be mighty mad!

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