WGNA Forums: Ghost Clans Poll

The poll option „Yes, the use of Ghost Clans should be penalized” has the majority of votes at the moment.

Citing Gnomon, NA Community Coordinator:

„I hope that you’re having a good day! I just wanted to talk to you a bit about some possible rules we may implement for the Global Map regarding Ghost Clans. If you’re unaware, a Ghost Clan is a Clan that is inactive on the Global Map while a Clan uses them to bid and take tech defeats. This is done to affect the battle time for another active Clan.

So, we want to hear your input. Should Ghost Clans be a part of the game and allowed, or should this be a penalty on the Global Map? 

If Ghost Clans stay in the game, it would be part of the “Diplo Game”, and all Clans would be allowed to do this freely. If players would like to see penalties, then they would be implemented on the Clans using a Ghost Clan.

The potential penalty for Ghost Clans depends on the following: 

  • If the Commander is an active account, then a 30 Day Game Ban will be placed on the Commander and all Officers would be demoted
  • If the Commander is a fake or alt account, a permanent ban will be placed on the Commander. Possible Clan disbandment may follow.

The potential penalty for the main Clan using the Ghost Clan:

  • First Offense: 7 Day Game Ban on all Officers and the Commander. This serves as a Warning. 
  • Second Offense: 14 Day Game Ban on all Officers and the Commander. A 10% ~ 30% Victory/Fame Points penalty will also be added.
  • Third Offense: 30 Day Game Ban on all Officers and the Commander and disqualification from participating on the Global Map. Also, a 100% Victory/Fame Point penalty will be added and all Clan Members will be excluded from receiving any rewards
    • Additional steps may be taken if the sanctioned Clan continues to do this in the Seasons after being disqualified from the Global Map

Additional information:

  • If the Clan shows up to the battle then they are not a Ghost Clan (no matter what agreement was made with another Clan)
  • We are not suggesting this rule for one Clan, many Clans currently use Ghost Clans
  • The ban for all of the Officers will effectively remove them from the Global Map for the duration of the penalty. If a Clan does not have Officers, they will not be able to bid, chip, move or remove detachments

Please review all of this information and vote in the poll attached to this post. Also, feel free to share your feedback about Ghost Clans below. Please be aware that this poll will not solely determine what path we decide to take, but, we will use it when making our final decision. ”


Thanks to Ian for emailing us.