Supertest: Panhard EBR 75

Panhard EBR 75 FL 10. Initial parameters (they might change in the future):

Tier: LT-8, France
HP: 950
Engine: 800 hp
Mass: 14,725 t
Maximum load: 17 t
Power-to-weight: 54,33 hp / t
Fast mode (Max speed/Reverse speed): 85 / -85 km / h
Normal mode (Max speed/Reverse speed): 60 / -60 km / h
Hull turning speed: 34 °/s
Turret turning speed: 66 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 1,0 / 1,35 / 1,95
View range: 310 m
Radio range: 750 m

Hull armor: 40 / 16 / 40 mm
Turret armor: 40 / 20 / 20 mm

Gun: 75 mm SA 50 mle. 54

Alpha Damage: 175 / 175 / 260
Penetration: 180 / 220 / 75 mm
Rate of fire: 10,16 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 1778
Rounds in magazine: 2
Reload time of one round: 1,5 s
Reload time: 10,3 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,36
Aiming time: 1,2 s
Depression/Elevation: -8 ° / +12 °

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  1. Damn, I’m thinking about translating what G1deon said about all this and posting in the commets. He makes some good points.

  2. 10s reload for 2 shots ?
    What the actual fuck ?

    12 seconds for just above 300 dmg IF BOTH PEN. Possibly 12 seconds for two bounces. 220mm pen with gold at this tier is shit. And accuracy is not thay good.
    No amount of speed and mobility will justify something this bad. And you cannot possibly hope to compensate with assist damage. Not in a game like WoT where relying on your team to get xp is a worse bet than relying on lottery to pay your bills.

    As for the traverse speed : it\’s not a relevant stat anymore since these tanks wont be able to rotate in-place. They\’ll always need to be on the move. And we dont know what the difference will be between fast mode and normal mode.

    It needs at least a third shot in the drum. That or make it 8s of full reload. Otherwise it looks good.

    1. Well, as WG clearly did say when they announced this. This will have a worse gun stat, as it\’s focus is active spotting and speed. Not hit and runs burst damage like the 13 90 etc.. If it had a 6+ round clip with that traverse and a short reload. It would be a tad broken I guess.

      But tbh I suspected they would give it 3 or 4 on a 20 sec reload. Not 2 tbh. 2 on a 90mm would be fine. But not a 75mm.

    2. Dude, IT IS A light tank. Pen and dpm are better then the Bc-12t. And with a light tank your job is never hit the front of heavies. L2P first, whine later.
      What I don\’t like is the 310 meter viewrange. Every Tier6 has better viewrange. It like BT-2 in T7 games… I see the suicide scouts will be risen again!

  3. My reaction is the same as before, the two different movement modes are an unnecessary complication, few maps will suit this sort of playstyle, 310m view range is absolutely terrible, and the hit points are gone after one mistake. The entire light tank class is underpowered to begin with and even more so in the corridor/armor meta. And these wheeled lights are even more niche than that.

    1. Amen brother.
      People seem to forget that they will be driving these things in Ensk, Mines, Himmelsdorf, Abbey, Paris, Pilsen,Ruinberg Mountainpass………. Have fun.

      1. It still is amazing though, how WG still refuses to see that lights as a class, are obsolete, fun but obsolete, and in the long term, regarding their WRs, fun can become frustration and dissapointment if you feel you are not compatible.Or is it just \”working as intended\”?.
        Think about it, if WG introduces larger, open maps, where view range becomes a factor, where tacticall thinking and flanking are viable options,where catching the side and rear of your enemy is possible, would gold spamming be needed?……………

  4. 310m view range on T8 light and 80kph reverse speed. This is getting beyond a f…king joke.
    Wargaming are not even trying to make them look like proper tanks.
    Rather than \’only existed in blueprints\’, is more like \’this is what one of our devs came up with while stoned and being awake on meth for 6 days\’

          1. IRL the panhard EBR had a top speed of 100km/h and it could reach that going forward or reverse, as it didnt really have a front or rear, it had a driver in the front of the tank and in the rear

  5. A little background, G1DEON is RU community contributor and a streamer. Dedicated LT driver, makes guides and shit and overall a very nice guy. In one of his recent post he summarizes the current situation in WoT, talks about new \”features\”. I just found this post pretty interesting and I agree with pretty much everything he said there. Warning, longread incoming.

    I want to make everything clear but don\’t have the time for a video.
    So our developers can talk smart words, but they don\’t play the game themselves. it becomes clearer with every day.
    In-game you can find these stupid equipment sets, like a \”Scout\” set (binos, camo net and optics) that can be fitted on a Maus.
    There are two options. Either they don\’t care and made these sets like whatever, or they made it for fun and laugh at their players. Sniper without vents, scout heavy with camo net.
    They\’re taking a piss with this one. Spit in the player\’s face. New players have no idea how a tank should be played yet and they get a very wrong idea. A set with camo net and binos should be called \”low life\”.
    It shouldn\’t have a cool name that makes it look relevant and creates an image of a sneaky sniper IS-6. Make some damn good sets. For example for a heavy tank: rammer, stabilizer, optics/vents or rammer, stabilizer, GLD or something like that and explain each set. One is to have a small boost in all stats, other will help aiming faster and shooting at longer range etc.
    It would make the game healthier and help new players not to get confused in all this conflicting information.
    But now it seems that they did it just to say that they did it. They don\’t give a shit. And somebody got paid for that while you have a scout Maus spotting 0-line on Ensk against tier 8s.
    Next, wheeled vehicles.
    WG knows what the player wants. No joke. People liked HE-spamming superheavies, now WG gotta give speed freaks something to play with. We know that LT drivers love speed first. But how this speed can be used on our maps?
    Practically we\’ll have even more people who will leave their team without eyes in first seconds of the battle. And they won\’t be able to spot the problem – sneaky tanks in OP bushes. They can\’t.
    On some maps there are very powerful early positions, like the lighthouse on Cliffs and E1 on Prokh and who will get there is often decided by matchmaker. Can something like WZ-132 compete with wheels there? I don\’t think so.
    But at the same time wheels will be worse on maps where their speed doesn\’t matter. They won\’t be able to circle heavies and spot on Himmelsdorf, they will be useless. Another RNG element that makes your personal skill negligible.
    If we want for wheeled vehicles to not easily outplay light tanks and make super early spots we need to not only take view range from them but also remove ability to mount binos and camo net. WG said themselves that wheels will be active scouts. If we leave all that in then old LTs will have a very hard time playing on old positions and being generally usefull. It\’s not solving existing game problems and actually creates new ones.
    And the machines are completely unhistorical. You can look up info on EBR. 220 horse power, not 800. 15.4 p/w, not 54. They just put in unhistorical engine just for yolo.
    And the gun is brilliant. (note: apparently the gun was buffed or g1deon just got the wrong info) It will take you well over a minute to kill the same tier heavy. How often you will have that time?
    And do we actually need MORE lights? Do we have problems with that?
    WG don\’t want to ask these questions. They want hype so we grind new tanks and pay more money. And the current problems they\’ll hide under all this new shit that breaks the game even more.
    Are you ready to constantly play EBR on Himm, Ensk and Paris against tier 10s with your amazing gun?
    And all these cool advertised features are completely detached from reality. As usual with WG. In reality you will do the same things, use the same positions as normal tanks. That\’s it. And in late game you will realize that that to do anything you need to go in and engage at close range where your speed won\’t do anything. And an Obj. 277 with his \”Sniper\” kit will outspot you from the bushes and by the time your sixth sense will pop you\’ll lose half of your starting HP. You\’re already not full though. You\’ll probably die.
    Try to replay your LT battles in your head and swap normal LT for a wheeled one. Will some things change? For the worse, yes. To spot tanks in the bushes you\’ll still have to take one for the team, but you have less HP AND less view range. Dealing damage will be more difficult because you have a worse gun. And there are no real advantages. Wheeled LTs are not shit by stats. They\’re shit by concept. And if WG will buff wheels then it\’s another hit to normal LTs.
    In theory wheeled LTs could become close range support, with good guns, just go in, don\’t be scared to get tracked and circle enemy tanks. But then the top speed should be cut and WG wants to give you speed and yolo, it\’s the main selling point.
    It\’s another signal for me that WG only sees money and not what the players need.

    TL;DR, water is wet.

    1. Good points raised there. I share his pessimism. Wargaming doesn\’t manage to balance the game as it is; wheeled scouts just will add more complexity to the equation in order to get the short-term kick of bringing something novel into the game. They seem to believe that they can reverse the downwards trend of the game by bringing something cool and new into the game, but this is short-term thinking: the novelty will soon wear off, but the underlying problem of balancing – which imho is a major reason for the decline in player numbers – will only increase. WoT is a match-based game, for crying out loud – I do not play thousands upon thousands of matches because I expect something new every half year or so. What I really want is a balanced, fair game experience, and this is where Wargaming fails to deliver.

      1. I heard rumors that WG is working on an update for the MM. It should come on common test along with buffed PMM tanks. Apparently they want to make that so you\’ll be playing top tier every 3 battles, if I\’m not mistaken. it\’s all just rumors but one can hope. And I also hope that their plans on premium ammo will be revealed at least by the end of this year. WG needs to do something and fast. Well, that\’s why they\’re rushing PMM tanks buffs I think. We should wait and see. I\’m not gonna wait for \”6-8 months\” though.

        1. If they address MM and the amount of arty per team I might consider returning to this game otherwise WG can get fucked.

  6. They should give elc even 4 round clip and they should give this little beast 3 rounds clip, 2 rounds clip is useless on this gun

  7. All of this new content is nice I guess, but it will not fix the core problems of this game. Shit mm, corridor maps and horrible balance and economy. I mean, what the fuck can you do with this wheeled vehicle on half of the maps?

    I\’ll keep reading TAP and following CC\’s, but I won\’t play this game untill shit is fixed. WOT is great as a concept, but they still find new ways to ruin it.

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