WoT „Insurance”

Players on the NA server have reported receiving this:


As explained by  __WarChild__:

Howdy Tankers,

A few days ago, I received something called Daily Insurance which turned out to be rewards for LOSING games that you fight great in (I think top 5). I was pretty excited about it because I play well regardless of the outcome but winning just isn’t up to me 98% of the time. Wargaming giveth and it also taketh away…

Wargaming also took away the Daily Insurance from me and I hadn’t seen it since, nor an explanation about it. Hence my post today asking: Where the hell did it go? What was it? Why? Why?

My Posts:

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2) http://forum.worldof…-insurance-wth/

However, it has ALL been made CLEAR to me now:

What I received was just a sampler of what WoT life could be like if things were more fair.

And now, for a PRICE, you too can experience bliss no matter what kind a crap you’ve been dealt:

Even though it says “Monthly Insurance,” I lose way more than 100 battles over the course of a month. So $30 doesn’t even cover 30 Days worth of Insurance. I see now why they haven’t made any announcements about this. They wanted to float out the idea and see if people freaked. I’m pretty freaky.

In my opinion, they see players like me who pay for a year of premium (on discount) have over 300 days left, but wanted to figure out a way to get more $ out of us. THIS is what the Summer Survey was about when they discussed adding a “Higher Level of Premium Time” – which really upset me because that would in essence nerf my 641 days of Premium Time I currently have. This doesn’t fall under Premium Time, but it’s just another way to motivate people to spend $ on being able to survive/progress in the game. It’s like a giant Losers Booster that gives you all 3 things: Credits, XP & Free XP.

In summary, I was excited about getting the Daily Insurance for FREE and might not have objected if they charged a nominal fee for an entire month, but $30/100 Losses or 100 Games (not sure) doesn’t look like a good thing at all. So I’m downvoting the Daily Insurance “Policy” for now. But at least now we know what that was all about…

Best of luck to you good folks out there!

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  1. I mean, it is a way to make money with the game without influencing the matches itself too much. There is no pay-to-win in this, so I would say it’s OK.
    But of course the price is very high for what you actual get…

  2. It’s just another part in the shitshow called wot. Instead of trying to balance the game accordingly they want to milk the cow even more.

  3. Hmmm ……….. are Wargaming now just simply taking the Piss?
    rather than fix or do anything now its loser insurance for play well but losing … please Buy some Defeat but play well Insurance

    ……………… for $30 for next 100 losing battles
    considering that with
    Bot Teams
    RNG Team player selection
    3-5-7 +2MM Template
    Corridor Maps Brawling Maps
    4 minute turbo slaughters

    that $30 should get you 90 days of Defeat & play well, Insurance at least

    lets all help Wargame Cup Over Flow\’eth with €€€

    1. It smells like their new found solution to the template MM & the issues with prioritized 3-5-7 template. Which they admitted this summer in the second PMM article.

      We made many analyses in excel of 3-5-7 template….no we not think 3-5-7 is issue, working as intended DA. But we listen to player, who think he has issue with 3-5-7!
      So we have come up with best way to easy pain of loosing, even with 3-5-7 template DA. You pay us little money and you not get big penalty when loosing.
      We call new feature \’Insurance\’…good player.

  4. This is silly expensive but does not hurt the game(helps actually).
    Including(or bundling at way lower price) this in the premium acc(with no price hike) would be a great move IMO.

    1. What’s wrong with this? Or people are just automatically shit on anything WG does? Yeah, it’s way too expensive but the idea is decent.

      1. What\’s wrong with this:

        Do they really need to add more ways that people can PAY for this game?

        These should be given away as parts of events, on weekends, etc.

        I miss the days of subscription games, you pay x dollars a month or week or whatever and you play, that\’s it.

        Majority of WG\’s content now is just some new premium feature for real money, a new prem tank is released basically every 2 weeks yet even small content patches take months, and now you have this.

        How long has in-game chat feature been broken? Friend\’s list issues? Yeah, a long time, why? Because it makes no money if they fix it.

        It\’s embarassing. Have some pride in your product rather than just monetizing it to the fullest.

        Dota 2 has content updates/balance changes every 2 weeks. Why can\’t WG do this?

  5. That’s pretty creative. Not sure if I would use it.

    I wish we could get rid of all the morons whose only response to everything they do with the game is “when will they balance the game” or “fix x, y and z first”.

    I’ve been playing computer games since the 70’s. World of Tanks is one of the best MOBA games every produced.

    1. I agree, it seems whatever wg does there will always be people complaining. If they can make money this way (or by selling camos ect.) I\’ll be glad, so they won\’t have to make more op premiums. And the balancing department of wg is prolly not responsible for this \”insurance\” thingy. There are different departments at a company that work on different things.

      1. This implies that they will make less premium tanks.

        But remember we said the same with paid skins. And since then we still have paid skins AND premium tanks every few weeks.

        I would totaly support this if it were a replacement for the premium tank spam. But it\’s not. Which makes it not a \”great harmless idea\” but just a n ugly greedy cashgrab. Because even by paying for a premium account and now an insurance which is stupidly overpriced for what it is and will just make people not care for winning anymore, you still have a new premioum every two weeks that completely owns every other previous one and powercreeps your whole garage.

        1. Also (doublepost sorry) the fact that it rewards you for losing is important. Because if less people care about winning, less people will try to win. Which means chances to win will go down because people wont even try anymore, so overall income will lower, and at the end if you don\’t purshase this insurance you\’ll be hurt by the global decrease in wins.

          So that\’s overall a terrible idea because not only does it not stop the premium tank spam, it\’s also awful because in the end you\’ll be pretty much FORCED to buy it to get the same results as you do today, wether you have a premium account or not.

          1. The one caring about winning will still try to win The ones that do not care about the team will continue so. So it isn\’t that important actually.

  6. its pay to win.. you lose the battle guess what you payed money and got an advantage over everyone by paying money lol

    1. That\’d be pay to progress, not pay to win.
      But hey, cos it\’s WG, we gotta loathe everything they do, right?

  7. So it means people get the same rewards as when they win even on a loss ?
    Sounds like a good way to make people dnot care about the outcome of a battle. As if Personnal Missions didnt ruin that enough already.

    On the other hand it means grinding during weekends would be less painful.

    Make it the price of a regular premium account (aka for a period of time and not a number of games) and I\’d buy it.

    1. Sounds like a good way to make people dnot care about the outcome of a battle.

      Top 5 on the losing side, otherwise I agree.

  8. Is it just me or is it that they often annoy us for no reason recently? Or has it always been like this albeit not to this scale? They released the 268 v4, Beta releasing the 50TP pr as a completely retarded tank, removing pref MM, \”Russian refund\”, now this?

  9. You all don\’t get the point and the root and cause: They (WG) made Tier 8 gameplay awful by design: lowered XP and credit income (through 3-5-7 – less HP and less top tiers to farm) and waaay less influence of the battles outcome in terms of win or lose. So they introduced to make their most important tier 8 lose more games and now offer the remedy with buying this \”insurance\”. Pretty easy to tell that this is the work and outcome of their Big data profit income raise shit-show. They introduced the plague, now they are offering the cure. Go fuck yourself WG.

  10. Purrrfect! The MM fix by WG developers for the template MM issues with the 3-5-7 template!

    No need to fix the template priorities needed, no need to add/finish the algorithm that would analyse and manage top/mid/bot placement over x battles.

    Just add a Pay 2 Loose Insurance feature! Awesome sauce solution!!

  11. will I would like to get couple of these instead of coupons I get from time to time(and never use them) for exceptional battle….or instead of offer to send my replay to wotreplays for a chance to win some gold…..but just buying it….NO

  12. if this were to be 360 loses per 30$ then i would pay, since i\’m top 5 in a lose at least 80% of the time.
    with this, bad teams wont stop me from progressing. good idea, bad execution.

  13. If WG really wants to do something about improving income in defeats… how about :
    – you have a defeat
    – you are in top 3/5 by experience of your team
    – the \”reward for a courageous resistance\” thing is triggered/enabled in your case (so you did something more than just giving one last shot before being spammed with 10 enemy shells/10 enemies at once)

    You can choose if you want to count it as a victory (income-wise, or for daily XP bonus for example) or to keep it as defeat. If buyable like this \”WoT insurance\”, then let\’s say it\’s made in bundles of 10-25-50-100 and you can ever choose if you want to use it or not, so it\’s not wasted on average/meh battles then…

    1. I wouldn\’t mind having such an insurance, simply because I have no time to play and losing with this MM is causing massiv frustration. But that price is outrages. Make a new type prem Account with the insurance included and I\’ll probably buy it. But not like this here.

  14. Really they just need to redo the scoring system so that there\’s appropriate rewards for pulling your weight even in a loss.

    As of the insurance itself, I agree with the consensus- good idea but overpriced. There could be a good middle ground by just adding this feature to premium accounts.

  15. Holy shit, a mechanic that should be in game since day 1 they sell for money now,this greedy mothertruckers!

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