0 thoughts on “Data: Which tier tank would you like to see analyzed next?

  1. Tier 5 and 7 are the most forgotten tiers.
    Tier 5 is where most noobs hit a massive wall, since they are not in seal clubber land anymore, they could be in experienced player grinding a new line land, and they have no 6th sense, no map awareness, and are likely shooting HE since #HEDOESMODMG.
    Tier 7 is where even more experienced players can hit a wall in a grind, since tier 7 needs to be balanced to face tier 5 as well as tier 9 monsters, so not too op vs t5, and basically, meat & potatoes vs t9.

    I think that certain aspects of the game have to be re-worked.
    Tier 3 no longer sees tier 5. I think it is time that tier 5 gets separated as well from the higher tier gameplay. If new players get screwed too hard, there will not be replacements for the 3-4-5-6 year players that stop playing, and that will lead to the game dying.

    1. Depends if you want to include premium vehicles, but with this totally not pay to win game i wish you the best of luck with all that stats 😀

    1. But the \”put your tinfoil hat back on\” naysayer WG sycophants who on the most part play for free, yet as if by magic get excellent match making and miraculous rng that spam forums with tinfoil hat handouts, need to be put to death once and for all, using SCIENTIFIC PRINCIPLE and M-A-T-H.

      We know Defender and all IS3 clone variants will be the top performers, we want to see just how HUGE the performance gaps are between Russia and China, and the rest of world.

      My premium account is also about to die, so it would be good to know which tanks to use when playing for free, (apart from one manufactured behind a curtain) because they get boring and lame to play very fast. Unless you\’re slave to your win rate.

      I can\’t wait Motoko, you are the man. Or possibly a woman, I don\’t judge. That would be illegal these days.

  2. Tier 7。As premium tier 8 get stronger and stronger(Thanks WG for make this game pay 2 win), there is a big gap between tier 7 and tier 8.

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