2 New Flags for – WoWS

Only 2 new flags were added this patch.
Flags New


-DMM Games: This is the logo for the DMM Electronics company, which also happens to be the publisher for Kantai Collection, future collab coming soon?

-Borgogne: This is a special flag for the upcoming “Borgogne” a T10 french reward/free xp ship currently being supertested, (Improved Alsace)

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  1. I apologize about the mis-spelling of the bourgogne, the flag atlas i think spelled it wrong and i copied that spelling. The atlas does have some questionable spelling for words.

  2. Bourgogne extremely probably won\’t be a free XP ship, unless they decide to make it the first T10 free xp ship.
    It\’s in all likelyhood an either steel or coal ship.

    I\’m expecting (and rooting for) coal, based on the Des Moines/Salem.

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