0 thoughts on “WoT – Guide Park : Mission rewards trio

  1. Trying hard to hype-up the mostly mediocre rewards of over-stupid-complicated \”personal\” missions. Jump backwards through flaming hoops to get meh tanks \”for free\”. Couldn\’t even (again) give premium tank status to reward tanks. Shame!(rings bell)…

    Personally, I hate the stupid missions. I like the \”What the…?\” T25 marathon, also T34S was OK. Caern is money pump, but still reasonable. But this? #Facepalm.

    1. Well, it\’s not a marathon, you don\’t have to grind the shit out of these missions. The vehicles are just… Tokens, more likely. You don\’t have to play them at all, it\’s all up to you.

      1. So I don\’t have to… What is the relevance? It is here, it\’s part of the game, WG made it PERSONAL, not me.

        I don\’t have to do any of the marathons or missions, I don\’t have to play this game at all, and I may quit at any time, how will this change my opinion of the game or some game components? Am I allowed to have opinion only about things I have to do?

        Lousy missions and marathons of all kings affect the gameplay, people play different and sometimes stupid, making the team lose, stealing kills and YOLOing. As a player, I feel the effects even if I choose personally to ignore some marathons or missions.

  2. As a \”proud\” owner of an Obj 260, i can say that the tank, while fun to play and fairly strong when played as a heavy medium, was definetly not worth the time and effort i have put in the game to get it. Yes, it is kind of a status symbol, specially when you got it before the missions got easier, as i did, but by no means OP or even super strong. Given that most people grinded from half a year to even 2-3 years to get it, when any good player can get an 100% OP 907 from CW during a few weaks, it was a bit dissapointing. Now WG is trying to push this ok heavy tier X, appealing to their ego and…. \”status\”…… If it is at the same level like the 260,not worth the sweat…

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