0 thoughts on “War Thunder: Dev Server Datamine September 15th 2018

    1. Since the boats I play have workable depth charges, I am sure submarines won\’t be too long after ships are released.

        1. Yeah but they blow up after a few seconds like depth charges, unless I am missing a setting to only explode on contact

          1. actually, depth charges don\’t need to hit a sub directly to destroy it, although I don\’t remember how far they remain effective, the issue is that since most of the boats in the game can\’t completely escape from the very own depth charges they drop, unless they have a launcher that throws them further away, it means they explode relatively close to the surface, a submarine would obviously be a bit deeper than that
            it would be different if it only happened to larger ships since a DD keel would be closer to a depth charge that exploded 15 meters below surface than a PT-boat would, but since PT-boats get damaged by their own depth charges they obviously explode too close to the surface, furthermore the devs always claimed depth charges would act as mines in the game (while not requiring contact), or like bombs with fuse-delay

    2. Since the boats I play have workable depth charges, I am sure submarines are not too far behind ships after release.

    3. Well, on April there was whole special game with submarines, so wait max 1-2 years and we have submarines in game.
      (Like that April with Leo 2a7 and T-90. And Helicopers of course)

  1. «Composite – boron carbide»
    2nd gen Chobham confirmed?
    a quick search and I found it\’s used in lightweight armour (specifically reaction-bonded boron carbide), it\’s also mentioned as a material used to create the ceramic plates for Chobham composite
    so, do you think we can expect MBTs with stronger composite armour OR are they just renaming the materials that go in between the metal plates on the existent MBTs that have Chobham?

  2. «Crew surrendered»
    new mechanic for Naval Forces?
    I don\’t see why would anyone surrender in WT unless they are in a ship/boat/barge, makes no sense to give up on a ground vehicle

    1. I guess if you actually land your plane on an enemy airfield in realistic it says something about crew surrender. I have faint memories of seeing this in the kill feed during a battle after some allied fighters killed all the AA and one landed at the enemy base.

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