1.2 – badges for the third season of Ranked Battles

This is how badges will look like for the third season of Ranked Battles. It’s coming really soon from the looks of it.


15 thoughts on “1.2 – badges for the third season of Ranked Battles

  1. Liked the Frontline mode? Asked for Frontline? FU, plebs, you gonna take third season of the much less popular Ranked. And you gonna act like you like it! We decide what you like!

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      1. “And So God maketh Frontline a special event and the Ranked maketh He for regular event on the heads of the sinners!” Book of WOT, chapter 5, verse 7.

        Oh, it’s not written in stone? WG can as easily make it the other way around, Frontline regular, Ranked special once in a decade, nobody will cry for it.

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  2. But of course – everyone benefited and enjoyed Frontline, no gold spamming, no credit loss – where is gain for WG for that? FU WG!

      1. Is-7 is actually a good option, 80% of ranked fights are hulldown premium ammo spam fests. Having the inpenable turret is quite nice. Also shooting he with is-7’s gun at s.conq’s turret works surprisingly well, dealing 100-300 dmg if you hit the top of the turret or spalsh down into the drivers hatch. I played the last 2 seasons almost with is-7 only and ended in league 1 with a chev rate of 62%+


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