War Thunder: Mi-35M: Up-to-date “Hind”



The Mi-35M is a modern utility combat helicopter of the Russian army, the modernized legacy of the iconic “Hind”.

The Mi-35M is a modern utility combat helicopter of the Russian army, manufactured by Rostvertol helicopter company. At the moment, the Mi-35M is the most modern modification of the Mi-24 series. During its versatile service in Afghanistan, India, and other locations, the “Hind” performed well, but had few vital flaws. A modernized version, titled Mi-35, underwent specific improvements. The helicopter gained new more powerful engines, the metal rotor was replaced by a composite one,  the 3-bladed anti-torque rotor was replaced by an X-shaped composite one. The Mi-35M was given fixed landing gear, and new shorter wings with only four weapon mounting points. The weapon itself has also been updated: A 4-barreled 50.cal machine gun in the chin-mounted rotating turret is now replaced by a twin-barreled 23-mm GSh-23L auto cannon. Mounted weaponry now consists of two types of ATGMs, modern air-to-ground unguided rockets, 23mm cannon pods, and other changes. The Mi-35M is currently in service in the Russian Air Forces, and other nations. Russian and Iraqi Mi-35M-s fought in recent actions in Syria.

By the time of the War Thunder update 1.81 release, the Mi-35M will be the top of the USSR/Russian helicopter tree. Pilots, who shepherd a herd of previous “Hinds”, will easily master their skills in the Mi-35M – combat basics here are similar.

You now have your hands on the most advanced “Hind” available – faster, quipped with much more capable chin-mounted cannons, and the widest variety of combinations of mounted weapon configurations. Two types of ATGMs – “Shturm-V” and “Ataka-V” – available in combinations of 8 or 16 units, S-8 air-to-ground unguided missiles (40 or 80 rockets in combinations), as well as two gun pods with 23-mm double barreled cannons. Only four points for mounting weapons with many combinations! As a result, you are free to tune the Mi-35M to perfectly fit your combat tactics – aggressive fire raids, or long-distance guided shots. The Mi-35M lacks critical flaws, except her size and weight of course.

The Mi-35M in Russian Air Forces camo waits your command in War Thunder update 1.81 “The Valkyries”. See you there!


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  1. and the dev server is out, so how did they do it?
    they start from Rank V and you need Rank V ground and/or Rank V air vehicles unlocked to be able to research helicopters, could not tell (from the videos and screenshots) if it\’s one of or if you need to unlock both to be able to research the first helicopter, I only know that it shows a Rank V ground vehicle and a Rank V aircraft pointing to the first helicopter

    about the Mi-35M, it was more than obvious

        1. No idea, but it wouldn\’t surprise me if that was the case.
          Keep in mind that, for now, helicopters can only be used in ground battles(they play to introduce heli vs heli air battles in the future though).

        2. since it requires unlocking either ground or air Rank V, it should not be possible, which means if you want to do it the easy way you have to buy either a high Rank premium (because their RP gain is higher) for ground or air and grind up to Rank V, then again if we talk about helicopters the focus will most likely be combined battles, in that case just buy a good premium tank and grind it

          1. also, it will still be possible to use the premium helicopter regardless if you have the helicopter line unlocked or not, but if you don\’t have a ground vehicle of similar BR it will be hard for you to play combined battles since you will face other ground vehicles of the same BR, or higher, as your premium helicopter, that explains why it would be needed/idea to unlock ground beforehand so that you can actually play the battle and not be completely outmatched

          2. that\’s why they have those packs now with a rank V tank and Helo together, not sure if I am going to get one yet

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