War Thunder: Mi-35M: Up-to-date “Hind”



The Mi-35M is a modern utility combat helicopter of the Russian army, the modernized legacy of the iconic “Hind”.

The Mi-35M is a modern utility combat helicopter of the Russian army, manufactured by Rostvertol helicopter company. At the moment, the Mi-35M is the most modern modification of the Mi-24 series. During its versatile service in Afghanistan, India, and other locations, the “Hind” performed well, but had few vital flaws. A modernized version, titled Mi-35, underwent specific improvements. The helicopter gained new more powerful engines, the metal rotor was replaced by a composite one,  the 3-bladed anti-torque rotor was replaced by an X-shaped composite one. The Mi-35M was given fixed landing gear, and new shorter wings with only four weapon mounting points. The weapon itself has also been updated: A 4-barreled 50.cal machine gun in the chin-mounted rotating turret is now replaced by a twin-barreled 23-mm GSh-23L auto cannon. Mounted weaponry now consists of two types of ATGMs, modern air-to-ground unguided rockets, 23mm cannon pods, and other changes. The Mi-35M is currently in service in the Russian Air Forces, and other nations. Russian and Iraqi Mi-35M-s fought in recent actions in Syria.

By the time of the War Thunder update 1.81 release, the Mi-35M will be the top of the USSR/Russian helicopter tree. Pilots, who shepherd a herd of previous “Hinds”, will easily master their skills in the Mi-35M – combat basics here are similar.

You now have your hands on the most advanced “Hind” available – faster, quipped with much more capable chin-mounted cannons, and the widest variety of combinations of mounted weapon configurations. Two types of ATGMs – “Shturm-V” and “Ataka-V” – available in combinations of 8 or 16 units, S-8 air-to-ground unguided missiles (40 or 80 rockets in combinations), as well as two gun pods with 23-mm double barreled cannons. Only four points for mounting weapons with many combinations! As a result, you are free to tune the Mi-35M to perfectly fit your combat tactics – aggressive fire raids, or long-distance guided shots. The Mi-35M lacks critical flaws, except her size and weight of course.

The Mi-35M in Russian Air Forces camo waits your command in War Thunder update 1.81 “The Valkyries”. See you there!