T-25 Marathon Confirmed


„Hey there, just to clarify: “shiny new mid-tier premium” here means that it is shiny-new for those who get it but had not owned it before  It won’t be a completely new tank. I definitely don’t want to squash your hopes guys, but I also don’t want to raise your expectations sky high with this one and make you think that this is a completely new vehicle.

By the way, I think that the vehicle in question is a keeper and while it is not the most flashy tanks around, it is a good performer and one of my old time favorites in the mid tiers. I hope you will appreciate it ”



54 thoughts on “T-25 Marathon Confirmed

  1. I hope the marathon will be dumb easy like that one they held for T-34-85M, otherwise not worth the effort.

    1. Oh, sry, my bad, missread. Not a new tank ingame, just shiny new for the owner… its gona be the german/czech/ pz T 25.

    1. well, they might falling behind because of powercreep. but E50M and even E100 can have their moments. the latter just got facerolled by the polish tier 10, though. same packacge, minus the HEAT magnet, that is general know as a turret …

      1. Leopard 1 und Rheinmetall Panzerwagen are worst of their respective classes, with win rates of ~45%. The Panzerwagen weighs 10 tons (at 25k total) more than the LT100 (15 total), but has only 30 hull armor as compared to the LT\’s 90. Leopard 1 has worse dispersion on the move than an IS-7.

        You really can\’t take Wargaming seriously anymore.

  2. Sure a tank that costs $9+ will be compensated by what -miserable 500,000 credits if already have one?

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