Did not get the TKS?

Just play one battle with any tank from today until the end of September and you should get it.


14 thoughts on “Did not get the TKS?

  1. well this is a nice surprise….since I missed it first time….not that I find it to be a good tank but I am a tank hoarder 🙂


    1. With 43 pen you’ll struggle to pen M2 Light and All the French light and mediums… oh and you got more than 50% less dpm than most turreted tanks… and you don’t even have a turret… and you cant sit and snipe cause you have a autocannon that instantly looses all pen when shot leaves the barrel… and you can’t co brawling cause you got no turret or armor, remind me how It’s op?

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        1. No it doesn’t struggle at all with an M2L. Not even an H35, still pen easily. Watch some replays and you’ll see how op this is.


  2. Skipping on any and all free stuff, marathons or new tanks added into the game….until WG has finally addressed their template MM tier placement issue in a worthwhile manner.
    Till then none of my time goes into the WoT client.

    My #noWoT counter is at 473 days and still going up! xD

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      1. Was looking for an auto updating forum banner though, one that counts the days since 14 of May 2017. Would be fab /s (a)


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