Updated – The Summer Dream Strikes Back: E 25 (almost a tie)

Rykoszet has info that maybe both E 25 & SU-85i will come to shop.


Usually, from the start, it’s a very clear who will win these pools, but this one was very interesting because SU-85i was leading, but Cockroach of doom won in a photo finish!


28 thoughts on “Updated – The Summer Dream Strikes Back: E 25 (almost a tie)

  1. Wonder how they are going to buff this one for the PMM rebalance? Personally I think it does not need anything. The gun will struggle with tier 9, but tier 9 will have to spot it first.


    1. WG arent removing premium MM, theyre just buffing PMM tanks to make them more capable against 1 tier higher tanks. But the E25 definitely doesnt need a buff, if they made it the same size as the real tank it wouldnt be as cancer as it is now

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      1. Where the fuck do you people get this rumor that WG said it won’t be sold again?


        “Thus we cannot rule out the possibility that the E 25 will be able to be obtained in the Premium Shop during special events or as a reward for participation in competitions in the future.”


        “Given that, we won’t rule out the possibility of the E 25 returning to the Premium Shop in a special event or as a reward for in-game competitions. “

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      2. I believe “never to be sold again” promise is regarding those tanks that were sold in packages at the game’s launch back in 2011.


  2. Shame on us all. We had the chance to prevent cancer, and we welcomed it with open arms instead. Well played EU, we do deserve all the bashing WG delivers to us after all.


  3. I don’t get why people even voted for the E-25… I mean, it comes for sale literally in December EVERY year… Aside from those who are so impatient to throw a wallet a WG that they want it right now instead of waiting for 4 more months…

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  4. Considering the E25 sold 4000 last Xmas, and 125 000 before that again. I’m amazed it got that many votes. Tho the SU-85i I get. As that’s been “hyped” up on the forum by most every time it’s mentioned since it’s removal. Not been sold since either iirc. And Chrysler K last again. Idk why they add him every time.

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  5. Most likely rigged. Why lose a chance to get a ultra rare premium when the e25 is sold at least once every year.


    1. Mate, read the forum threads. So many delicious salty tears from people crying about wanting E25 when the SU-85i was still ahead.


      1. Why? Because there’s marathons to get the best ones for free (Progetto)

        How many tier 8 prems do you need?

        1-2 good tier 8 prems is better than 10 useless tier 8 prems.

        I’d trade Pilot,T26E4, Mutz, CDC, 59 patton, Is-6, Kv5 and other tier 8 prems for one Progetto.


      2. It’s rather clear, because WG will sell you now a shiny stronk new premium tonk, you will enjoy it for a little time, but the game doesn’t stay the same, new and better and even more powerful tanks will arrive, soon! The game will change matchmaking, you will find that that shiny tank turned into a real pumpkin, good only to lose games, or sometimes only way to win is go premium rounds, now the premium tank doesn’t earn money.

        This is only partial reasons not to buy premiums now. When WG fixes the premium tanks already sold and takes care not to damage gameplay of such tanks in the future, then I will be able to buy prems.


  6. Played Malinovka last night and right out the gate here comes an E-25 straight across the field. He gets hit by everyone. Wildly tries to turn and makes for a bush. Clearly he thought he was invisible.


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