Gvozdika in WoT?

On the ArtStation portal appeared renders of the self-propelled howitzer 2S1 Gvozdika. Model by Maksym Bondarik (link to the gallery). The renders were created in cooperation with Wargaming.

One rumor has it that this vehicle may appear in the line of Soviet tank destroyers leading to Taran, which in the future may be introduced to the game. Nevertheless, it is worth approaching this with a grain of salt, because this is only speculation, and the howitzer seems to be too modern for the realities of WoT.



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  1. Wargaming ALSO said in a previous Q&A that they were NOT going to be adding any more SPG artillery to the game.
    So theres that.

      1. Yeah but the Gbozdika is an artillery system. Not a tank destroyer = It fires high explosive shells in a parabolic arc.
        But yeah, nice job keeping with the illusion that everyone on the internet is from NYC and has to start their post with an insult =

        1. You mean like the T18? or the AMX Chasseur de chars being put as a medium tank despite it was designed and named as a tank destroyer?
          Wargaming has shown they will shove some vehicles into another category to \”fill slots\”, so is not exactly so \”unbeliable\”

    1. They never said that WG won\’t add more arties into the game. This is another bullshit rumor like the one where WG supposedly said that they will never sell the E25 again…

      1. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2018/08/23/qa-summary-of-gamescom-stream-22-august/

        Read the part of the answers which are in bold. It isn\’t synonymous with WG promising never to add more arties, but it isn\’t far off.

        It practically means no arties for AT LEAST 3 years, at which point the game more than likely will be dead anyhow.

        I also do think that WG said that they would never sell the E 25 again, multiple times even.

        Don\’t just going around writing a lot of crap and accusing people of speading lies. All it does is hurt the community.

        1. \”I also do think that WG said that they would never sell the E 25 again, multiple times even. \”

          You are wrong…


          “Thus we cannot rule out the possibility that the E 25 will be able to be obtained in the Premium Shop during special events or as a reward for participation in competitions in the future.”


          “Given that, we won’t rule out the possibility of the E 25 returning to the Premium Shop in a special event or as a reward for in-game competitions. “

        2. About adding more arties:

          I saw the stream live and Andrey haven’t outright said that there will be no more arties, he only said that they must be careful with adding new arties because some players don\’t like them. He even mentioned that they are researching Italian and Swedish SPGs…

      2. It was in the Q&A from Gamescon FROM the Wargaming associates there.
        Maybe do a little \”research\” before spouting off.

        1. Just gotta add a note here (as the writer of the summary) that the Design Director wasn\’t really clear on that subject, for \”We\’ll be careful with arty\” can be interpreted in miscellaneous ways.
          Even though we all know that WG can change their mind at any moment, we can claim that the probability of them adding new arty lines is rather low, since they\’d do no good for their business considering the likelihood of an outburst following after midst the community. (But again it depends on how much they care about the future of this game.)

          As for the proposed vehicle above, I personally assume following possibilities of its implementation:

          – They plan to add it to Project Excalibur, yet purposely stated that the project has been cancelled so the community would stop throwing leaks to and fro. – However since WG officialy said that they\’re gonna add a turreted TD line for the USSR, I\’m not so sure about this one.

          – Assuming their statements about Project Excalibur being cancelled are true, they\’d try to \”modernize\” World of Tanks by throwing in tanks from the Cold War era. (I\’d be a HUGE fan of replacing the current Leopard 1 with the Leopard A1A1, or perhaps with even a more subsequent version.)

          – They consider both options above maybe?

          – (Insert your prediction here)

        2. Maybe the person who wrote that summary should do a proper job. Andrey haven\’t outright said that there will be no more arties. He even said that they are researching Italian and Swedish SPGs…

  2. WG said there is material for a few SPG branches, but they currently are not in the plans, because A) there are other things which have higher priority and B) there still seems to be some resistance against SPGs.

    However, in my opinion they could add the SPG branches, because it doesn\’t really make the game worse for arty haters, as the max is still 3 per game (I think the max should be 2, but that\’s off point), so the only that changes is the variety of the SPGs you meet, except for the first few weeks when more will play the new arties, but as we\’ve seen with the recent new sale of the leFeFeFe, you only see an increase for 2 weeks or so. So what\’s the problem of adding new arty lines?

      1. I bet there are even more people who like or don\’t mind arty, but just a few naggers like you who can\’t handle it and keep complaining about it, so yes, to please the majority.

  3. well, they have been requested ever since they added the US turreted TDs and the Taran was once leaked to be in the works or something like that
    the Gvozdika does fit a bit into the Taran profile (turreted glass cannon), but do they now plan to add every single line/vehicle requested by the russian playerbase? what\’s next? the light TD line with the ASUs? (ASU-85 was once rumored to be added) besides the ST-II and the rest of the multiturreted/multigun tanks that are already being worked on

    1. In any possible line Gvozdika would be tier 10 AT LEAST, it\’s a lot more advanced than an archaic piece of shit like Taran. I personally think that Gvozdika is too advanced for WoT unless they\’re going to expand the current game and integrate cancelled Excalibur into WoT and get more or less the same situation as we have WT, which frankly would be fantastic. But I\’m also afraid that WoT players are too conservative and don\’t like any changes period, let alone indroducing the whole new era of armored vehicles. WG may be too afraid to do that.

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