0 thoughts on “New Personal Missions: The Second Front

  1. from what I have seen so far it looks to me like its more oriented on grinding and less on skill….and before all the hate comes my way:I know a lot of tasks in first season could have been done by pure luck, some of them did require skill to complete

      1. RNG works both ways!!!….one time it screws you other time it saves your ass……im sick of RNG \”excuse\”…..and it takes some skill to pick positions to fight from, read minimap and judge situation,to know whet to fire and when NOT to fire……….I don\’t claim to be great player but knowing how game works can help you have good time….as long as you don\’t take the game too serious

        1. Im just saying, you do everything right pick a good position and just cant get the important kill/damage in because screw you thats what a nnoys me. I had countless missions missed because of rng

    1. First operation: grind, so everybody can get the first vehicle. Second operation: just like old personal missions (difficulty around T55A missions). Third operation: holy fucking shit, I wanna go home. It’s very much skill and luck based, I can tell you that. More skill this time though it feels like.

  2. well, the silver lining in this is: there will only be very few Objects 279 driving around, at least in random. that thing will be horrific to tier 8s. against tier 10s (CW and the like), it\’s stil strong but with the amount of HEAT flying in tier 10 only, the armor of the UFP and even the turret will be not so worthy.

    for the missions themselfes: well, IMHO a good idea. the Excalibur can basically be get by evreyone, that motivates players. the Chimaera will be harder to get, but doable for a noticable number. and the Obj 279 – well, good luck, even for unicorns.

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