Q&A Summary of Gamescom Stream (22 August)

Thanks to squishystar for compiling all this.

Andrey Biletskiy (the Design Director of WG):

  • Their plan is to bring back the majority of the old maps, in exception of „ancient”, perhaps rather problematic maps like Komarin. Working hours are estimated to be about 19 months per map, prototyping included. Making new maps from scratch like Minsk and Studzianki usually takes less time, as replicating an old map to HD per se can take up several months.
  • Ever since 1.0 came out, they’re working on fixing „vanishing shots”, which tend to occur oftentimes as they were transferring the millions of rigid bodies (collision detection on an individual object based on the shell’s trajectory) into the HD maps.
Apparently this issue is caused when the rigid body was hit in an unexpected way, in other words from an odd angle, hence the shell appearing as if it vanished or hit something invisible.
An estimated amount of time needed to to fix this is undetermined, but according to Andrey, it can take up lots of time and the team will further look right into it based on the player’s feedback.
  • Before adding any new nations, they’re planning to rework the UI of the tech tree as they ran out of room to add any more flags when the resolution is set at the lowest setting.
No timetable determined.
  • They’re not planning to add any more SPGs due to the players loathing them.
Nevertheless, it is likely that arty will be seen as a part of the game forever and will therefore stay, no matter what. (cries in Swiss German)
Unfortunately no exact details on the limitation of SPGs per battle were given, as it was quite common to take lots of artillery into battle midst the world wars. (Can’t tell if he’s right)
  • British Lights are confirmed to come to the game soon™.
As of now they’re trying to figure out how the tree is going to build up, if there are any new mechanics to add to them etc.
No timetable was mentioned, but I assume that they’re at least gonna be announced by Q2 2019.
  • Swedish lights are also being taken into consideration, no further mentionings on that though.
  • Wheeled vehicles, not all, but some are gonna have a mechanism where a certain set of wheels will be retracted with a press of a button (similar to Siege Mode), which changes the way your vehicle handles.
For instance:
Mode 1 – Vehicle moves at its regular speed.
Mode 2 – Vehicle moves at a higher speed, but doesn’t turn as quickly.
  • Wheeled vehicles will be classified as Light Tanks and will range between Tier V-X. The reason behind the Tier range is that wheeled vehicles in the 30-40s weren’t meant to fight tanks IRL, which means that the odds of having the Lanchester return as a regular vehicle are rather low. :<
  • The firepower of the wheeled vehicles will be slightly worse compared to regular Lights, in a way that they’ll hardly stand a chance in a 1v1. However, their speed can be advantageous to outrun/circle around the opponent.
Their view range will also be slightly worse compared to regular Lights.
  • Just like a car, when a wheeled vehicle gets “tracked”, it’ll still be able to move with the majority of its wheels intact. However, it won’t move as quickly.
Hence, as described by Mr. Andrey, wheeled vehicles are meant to be aggressive scouts “that’ll be really hard to stop”.
The only thing he worries about atm is how “pesky” they’re going to be. (For obvious reasons)
  • There will be a public test (most likely sandbox) specifically for the wheeled vehicles before they’ll hit the regular testserver.
No specific dates have been announced yet though.
  • Flamethrower tanks are unlikely to come into random battles (due to the fact that they’re basically ineffective against tanks, in exception of Tier Is maybe), but it’s possible that elements like this will be introduced in future PvE Modes, namely replicas of real battles.
  • Frontline is confirmed to return as soon as they figure out a way to have it perform better on low-spec PCs.
They won’t add anything much to it other than a few technical tweaks to prevent FPS drops, however they’re planning to change its economy a bit. (Yesh! ❤)
  • Switching between different garages (similar to WoWs) won’t come soon, but is confirmed to come eventually. 3D customization is said to be at a higher priority right now.
No specific dates determined.
  • Additional perks of having a premium account are expected to come “very soon”. (Oh dear)
I assume that the perks will be part of the next update which will go hand in hand with Shop 2.0. (Exclusive discounts maybe?)
  • In terms of prem ammo, they’re close at coming up with a solution according to Andrey-kun, including some major changes to HESH-ammo, fixing the issues with the Type 5 Heavy (OMG FINALLY!!) etc.
As of now they’re looking for their colleagues at WoT Console/Blitz to see how their tinkering with ammo values has been working out for them thus far.
The first wheeled vehicle WON’T be a premium, but is likely to have its separate branch next to the B.C. 12t.

40 thoughts on “Q&A Summary of Gamescom Stream (22 August)

      1. @Seb Maby we should start talking about the fact that Binocs give only 16%+ Viewrange to Light Tanks instead the 25%+ that all other Classes get ? When did this secret nerf happend ? Can you link or tell me what so search for if I missed that change please. Thanks in advance !


                1. Go waste someone else’s time…

                  You don’t even provide a screenshot or anything as a poof and you are too dense to understand that I don’t have the same “secret nerf” you are talking about.

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. That’s exactly why your generation eats soap pads and enjoys fidget spinners. You have not even enough effort to do a simple 4th grade math task. Yet you want everything served to you, and if that doesn’t happen you start to get violent or insulting.

                    I will post my post in another topic later, please don’t comment on it.


    1. Only campers loathe SPG’s. Those who haven’t played SPG”s don’t realize the actual difficulty level of playing them.
      A situationally aware player prefers a enemy SPG over yet another KV2 or O-HO.
      Exception being the Lefh, that thing is horrendously overpowered and its ROF should be nerfed a lot.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Damn, everybody is a filthy scrub and camper these days. Can’t counter invisible shitter who’s fapping on you from the other side of the map without even having a clear line of sight on you and stuns you all the time so you can barely move? Hah, learn to play, shouldn’t have left your cover in the first place. What, there is barely any cover? Pathetic, don’t leave your cap and don’t get spotted at all then, noob. Oh, you’re playing a slow heavy tank and you need to be at the frontlines to actually have some use? Simple, don’t play this slow piece of shit. Yeah, play artillery instead, that’s the stuff. What do you mean you don’t have a dick in your mouth? Then get one, geez, kids these days.
        The point is clickers should fucking die in a car fire.


        1. They do need a LOS. It’s often blocked by a house or even a small hill. In a city map they are almost useless.
          And wishing SPG players a painful death…get some therapy. That said, I would support a maximum of 1 SPG per team at all times.


          1. That’s exactly what people want from this game. Instead of playing and doing something useful in the battle you’re hiding behind rocks and houses, that’s fun. And I didn’t REALLY want somobody dead, come on, my dude. But yeah, I can also agree that one clicker per battle should be fine.


  1. No talk & news about the research&development being done to the MM algorithm, that manages you top/mid/not placement, they said ‘they never activated’ in their lasted PMM article on the portal?

    This would be of much greater news value to a much larger part of the player base and former player base.
    In case of the latter (me included) I reckon they really want to know as well what the state this project is in at the moment.

    Al the rest is just cosmetic non news, including wheeled vehicles. If the they fail to mature this ‘managing algorithm’ all other content will mean next to nothing (IMO of course).

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    1. My thoughts exactly. I was surprised MM hasn’t even been mentioned once in the Q&A.
      Suppose we can be grateful that they at least announced anything in that regard..

      I personally am super hyped for AFVs, but decided to not touch anything until this game will be in a more polished state. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I think we can all advocate that the playerbase is going to go haywire if they’ll be introduced to the game. Simiilar to the Sturmtiger’s fate, putting sth. on the shelf after research doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll eventually be added to the game. But then again, the Obj. 268 v4 made it into the game despite the outrage, whereas the poor Chieftain keeps on collecting dust midst its seclusion.

      I may’ve misunderstood his statement, but in my perspective, them being “careful” about sth. simply means that they’ll consider sth. as a possibility to be added to the game, if there’s enough demand for it.

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      1. I had 6 friends who all hated WG”s tier 10 flavor of the week approach to new content but its the arty rebalance that made them quit the game. Trust me the 268 while OP its not the kind of thing that runs players off the most in this game.


      2. But did he really stated they were to limit the SPG or the players? The first part linked by the above fella is not clear but I have not heard such a thing, or understood it and they did mention towards the end they were researching ITA and SWE lines (not adding or planning to, but just researching)

        Can you point where they made these remarks.


  2. How can they possibly address premium ammo without addressing the over-buffed armor scheme? Reducing penetration values in fact means an indirect buff to the already insane armor values. Increasing prem shell costs mean the same. And limiting the amount of prem shells mean the same as well.

    So, again, how will they do this?!! The fact that they offer no adhoc information about their plans makes me fear the worst.

    And regards to light tanks. OF COURSE they will be “pesky”. Fast light tanks are “pesky” in close combat already! Now imagine a vehicle which moves nearly DOUBLE as fast. This idea of wheehled vehicles zipping around with 100kmh is absolutely ridiculous and obviously bears a great potential to completely change the game meta to the worst: Welcome to World of GTA with zip-around go-cart vehicles.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah, lights are so “pesky”, i see 4 or 5 of them every battle……. No?……… very effective and competitive running around with 40% camo and 60kmph in corridor maps,where you have to pop up in front of 10 enemy guns at 100m distance to spot (except of maybe 2-3 maps)……. They are in fact so “pesky” and dangerous, that WG does not allow them to spot enemy tanks hiding in bushes at lets say 200m distance, so the only way to actually spot anything on most maps is to sacrifice a goat to the RNGods to rely on luck and RNG to make suicide runs and force them to shoot and break their camo… if the scout is lucky and wont get rekt by the 2 high-alpha TDs ambushing him, he will survive…. only to find out that his assisted damage relies on fapping teamates in the back who may or may not have good situational awareness to shoot at his spots…. Meanwhile most meds will do 90% of a lights job, while having 200% more combat effectiveness at the same tier……. Bottomline,even if they introduce super ultra overpowered stats on light tanks, they will still only be lights in cramped and unfriendly maps, who only let them utilize 50% of their capabilities. Are WG devs even play scouts bro?

      Liked by 3 people

      1. I fully agree. Lights suck. And rightly so. Yet, their playstyle can be “pesky”. And that of wheeled vehicles will be so as well. And yes, we see far too many lights each battle.


    2. Insert sarcasm, my first bet is:
      I reckon they will “conveniently” overlook and forget to also address said over-buffed armour of the last 2 years. And after prem ammo tweaks, claim it’s now “all is fixed” like they always do.

      Then 2nd bet::
      if we, the other regions EU especially, then call them out on this “conveniently forgetting to address adjusting armour schemes as well”. They will blame us, the EU players, again for being ‘drama queens’.
      And one+ year later they finally admit the error of their ways and finally after the 3+ years also address the over-buffed armour scheme’s.

      3rd bet is:
      Average player retention will have dropped to and even more all time low, due to them being so damn right sluggish (1y+) to address such issues and they cannot really recover.

      End sarcasm. Everything will go perfectly fine and the above will not happen…or will it? 😛

      Liked by 2 people

    1. WG created this crap NOT the players

      Over buffed and OP HT armour in the las 2+ years since Murazor was head of “balancing design” has given us Super Heavy Tanks from The O-I all the way to Tier10 and the fuck stupid Type 5 and the Soviet over armoured HT and Meds and now the heavy SU TD line, huh?

      ~ when your forced to play the 3-5-7MM where -2MM is always the norm if you DONT have Gold/ APCR/HEAT ammo so how the fuck do you fight these stupid heavy armour fiction Tanks

      WG has a big can of worms here
      Remove/ reduce Gold ammo >> now over buff’s all Super HT & new HT’s to newer OP high’s
      Remove/ reduce Gold ammo >> so how does the 3-5-7 MM & the always seems -2MM work?

      I’m listening …………?

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    2. Chances are gold spamming turds either have huge stashes of gold ammo in their depots, or just do not care about what kind of credit sink gold ammo is and spam anyway, and then play lower tiers to recoup the losses. AFAIK WG won’t do squat until ‘all gold ammo reserves expire’ or something like that (can’t remember the source but it was in a Q&A if I’m not mistaken), which means it will take forever for them to address the issue.

      At least being unable to buy gold ammo from the garage UI is something, but much more needs to be done.


  3. I question the usefulness of armored cars in WoT. Those have been a thing in AW for years and make for excellent scouts thanks to the high camo, high viewrange and the fact that they can still hurt most targets with non-AP ammo and ATGMs.

    This doesn’t apply to WoT. Maps are small, viewrange is already on the low side on many light tanks and armored cars will have even less, same with firepower, which leaves speed and possibly camo as their only advantage.

    Taking a guess, I predict a pseudo-class that will have to leech off assist damage much like arta leeches off stun damage.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed. Perhaps if the new armored cars have fantastic DPM then at least then they may have a role aggressively pursuing and circling slow heavies/TDs. Or perhaps countering other glass-cannons. But the combination of nonexistent armor, low view range, and poor firepower sounds like a recipe for disaster.

      Then again, even if WG takes a different approach and makes the armored cars into dedicated scouts with the best possible view range and camo, then that would be highly situational in the current map meta. I really don’t know what they were thinking.


  4. Arty is such a mess in this game. If say, War Thunder was going to introduce modern guided munitions it would look like the WoT system does now. One shot one kill, accuracy within a meter of aim and drone overhead view.
    For the game time period arty is a battery/salvo fire weapon. The player should be in a spotting/forward observer vehicle and periodically calling in strikes. Then he would be in jeopardy, have to contend with line of sight and ranges. Then tankers would not feel so helpless.


  5. more arty plz and nerf light tanks accuracy. no way would a tank circling at 50kph be able to hit anything and while im at it remove auto aim over tier4


  6. 19 months to redo or make a single Map
    with that Soviet retard logic statement we can expect a new map every 2 years then

    will WOT players wait for 2 years for a single Map?
    the game is boring as hell with the small same as same selection of Maps in the game now

    Yes I know, planning on bring most old Maps back, which will be a long wait then
    and 5 ‘new’ maps this year as well nice! but we used to have over 40 maps 1 year ago remember

    4 years ago there was almost 50 in the game

    19 months per map – new levels of WG Dev incompetence or lack of skills
    (which I find hard to believe

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 19 months average per map includes initial design, tests, reworks etc. And there are multiple maps in the works at the same time. Is it really that hard to understand?


  7. “Unfortunately no exact details on the limitation of SPGs per battle were given, as it was quite common to take lots of artillery into battle midst the world wars.”

    The amount of retardness in this excuse for not limiting the number of artys to less than 3 gave me cancer, seriously this is next level debility


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