Now Available: the T26E3 Eagle 7

gamescom is upon us, and we wanted a little something to celebrate it! That’s why today, we’re happy to introduce a new vehicle to World of Tanks: the T26E3, also known as the Eagle 7!
As a member of the Pershing family, the T26E3 is a real “king of the hill”: use its terrific gun handling and great depression to peek over the terrain for a few shots. You can always use its thick mantlet to withstand a few shells, and rely on the precision of your gun in case of a counter-attack.
By the way guys, you’ll probably find some inspiration in the backstory of this tank, which won a duel against a German Pantherduring the battle of Cologne, the city where gamescom is held! Take a look at our historical article on the subject to know more about the Eagle 7!
Make the most of the offers below as they will run from 21 August to 4 September at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)!
Price is around 25€.

0 thoughts on “Now Available: the T26E3 Eagle 7

  1. Here in the UK its cheapest price is £22 which I think is expensive
    almost same price as some Tier 8’s
    172mm base pen good gun depression and nice turret are the good points
    really bad/ low dpm though reload is over 8 seconds 1650pm is shit in WOT
    although on the ‘up side’ it wont get the cancerous MM that T8’s now get

      1. It see’s T9 MM all day long, and its 2nd worst dpm of any T7 and tech tree
        do you play WOT?
        the sub 4 minute turbo games – where dpm is almost king in WOT now

    1. Wargaming’s tier logical DPM progression on Medium tanks FTW!! xD
      At tier 5 meds have an avg DPM of sub ~1600 base, then a big jump up at tier 6 avg ~1800>2000 base DPM with avg ~140 pen ammunition.
      At tier 7 it suddenly splits, old tech tree content either has:
      a) avg ~1850>2100 base DPM with poor pen and sub 240 alpha; OR
      b) sub ~1650 base DPM with 155+ pen and 240>300 alpha (unless Russian than you have more DPM again) but with god awful gun handling stats
      But you then have the newer added tier 7 content which does have logical DPM progression, like the Italian, Czech or the upcoming premium baby Pershing.
      And tier 8, it’s DPM gap (unless you drive a Russian) versus tier 9 and some newer added content (premiums esp.) is more than a mile wide.
      So yeah go figure. It’s like Quantum physics level hard for WG, or so it seems, to implement a balanced but logical DPM progression between tiers.

      1. ^This… Maybe that’s the problem in +/-2 mm. HP, DPM and PEN progression are not balanced. With a Tiger 1 you can kill a tier 5 med within 7 seconds, just to give an example.

  2. Expensive and it has nothing new to offer at any aspect. Low DPM, low pen, low speed.Ok alpha damage and view range. Next mediocre~trush tank.

      1. HAHA yea. VK 30.02 D has 145 and has no problem. In deed all tier 7 mediums are around 150-175, just the panther has 198 and u know it has not the best armor for its size so its need that penetration.

        1. But the VK 30.02 D much faster than this thing. This is like the Patton KR and SP shagged and it’s got the looks of the former but the heart of the latter.

  3. Once you sell OP tanks you can’t expect people to be happy with “normal” ever again. GG Wargaming.

  4. The T20’s DPM should be buffed to have at least have comparable or a fraction higher DPM than the Eagle.
    The Eagle would than have advantage in: armor, gun handling and penetration.
    The T20 would than have advantage in: speed, view range and camo.
    That folks, would be called making game content actually balanced.
    The same goes for so many tanks in game, that have been creeped over the past two year in favour of newer content and persuading players to free xp or buy themselves into said new content.
    No wonder older players have been leaving in droves.

  5. Leaving or keeping #wallet closed. And it stays closed no matter how many new OP premiums will be introduced. I will not buy another premium tank until my old and now useless premiums are fixed.
    Digital goods do not wear and get old, unless artificially damaged by changing the game around them. Either WG fixes goods already sold or it is no sale on the new ones.

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