Gamescom 2018. preset style (1750 gold)

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21 thoughts on “Gamescom 2018. preset style (1750 gold)

      1. lol they just modified the game so that every NON Russian tank carries ammo in it’;s turret.. If you know anything about war thunder that makes every bias in WoT , put together and multiplied by 10 still not as bias as what war thunder just did. But you never read or hear about it, WT has a zero strike policy and will remove anyone that exposes what they do. it’s funny to see the cached pages where WT KGB will discredit everyone that says something then delete the post after a day for the shaming to kick in. WT, is not a good game.

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  1. anyway, i like this content, i really do … i think that customization should be the primary monetization of this game along with premium acc … not some OP premium tanks … this said, customization is the key word here, so they really should give us the option of changing emblems..

    also i would like some historical customization elements .. i would be more than happy to add some visuals to my tanks for some gold, but i like it historical atleast in WoT scale of this term


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