Supertest: M6A2E1 and T26E4 SuperPershing

Another test of preferential MM tanks.
There are no major changes to what was published some time ago on the portal. M6A2E1:

  • Increased penetration value of standard AP projectile from 198 to 204 mm;
  • Improved hull rotation speed from 24° to 28°;
  • Reduced aim spread when turret is rotated from 0,173 to 0,153;
  • Reduced aim spread during turret rotation at maximum speed from 3,97 to 3,53;
  • Increased aim spread at maximum vehicle rotation speed from 5,06 to 5,91;
  • Minor general armor changes.

___________________________________ T26E4 SuperPershing:

  • Increased penetration value of standard AP projectile from 192 to 202 mm;
  • Reload time reduced from 7,863 s to 7,671 s;
  • Increased rate of fire from 7,631 to 7,821;
  • Changed damage per minute from 1 831,4 to 1 877,1;
  • Changed engine power from 500 to 610 hp;
  • Improved power to weight ratio from 9,89 to 12,07 hp/t.

0 thoughts on “Supertest: M6A2E1 and T26E4 SuperPershing

    1. also, i wonder what will happen with t32’s gun, because t32 sees tier 10…. extra 6 pen is like giving a boob job to a 100 yo woman

  1. I like the engine upgrade on the T26E4. But I never got the pen buff. It’s a pref MM tank, that has 10 more pen then any of the +2 US tier 8 meds. Or 21 more then two of them. And yet… the HT’s get 182.

  2. Yes, SP has a pen buff (on supertest, which means nothing yet) but don’t forget also he has low alpha, you cant have it all on one tank, ROF, pen, handling and alpha, not on 8 tier. So no cry over T32 and others. Unless you officially want 240 average damage with this high pen.

  3. Super pershing has 240 alpha and AWFUL dpm, slow tank with 240 alpha AND bad dpm = GFY.
    Basically a shittier version of the Lowe.
    Tank is terrible.

    1. Lmao, the DPMis fine, pretty much like a regular Pershing. And again, 240 is standard for tier 8 mediums.

  4. The superpershing really is a rollercoaster as far as status goes.
    Started as a great premium, then got nerfed to the point WG had to refund people, then slowly but steadily went back to what would after this buff be the best premium MM tank out there, probably.
    Seriously it had the worst pen and terrible mobility, now it’s got one of the best pens and can actually get there.

  5. IMO S.Pershing is good in mid range, however the shiet accuracy ruined this tank. If there’s no gun handling and accuracy change, this tank is still bad.

  6. I wish that S. Pershing could have the previous armor (before the update 0.8.8), then the both cheeks and commander cupola could get armor buff slightly, for armor penetration of the 90mm should be standardize 212mm on the standard ammo. Then, the 105mm gun on the T29, T32, M6A2E1 and Chrysler GF, their standard ammo should be within this range 218-226, for balancing dueling with the VK100.01 and Oho,this for likely for slightly penetration toward to the armored thickness type. As for credits making, the S. Pershing & others (KV-5, M6A2E1, Type 59) to should get buff in credits making, since it is the most among the veteran premium tank in the World of Tanks.

  7. And the T32 sobbingly joins the T-34-2 who’s lacrimal glands are slowly drying out.
    FFS Wargaming keep your development and balancing process streamlined for once!
    Buffing outdated PPM’s is fine, as long as similair guns in game are kept the identical across different vehicles.
    This means that the T32 identical 105’s T5E1 should get the same ammunition penetration buff.
    Same goes for the T-34-2, it’s 122mm ammunition should get the same treatment.

  8. Wg are tards, they buff preff MM tanks pen, which is now more than regular MM tanks. What a fucking joke. Now these tanks are better than regular MM tanks and on top of that they get special MM. Wgs should really drink some bleech. Heil hitter!

    1. do you “Pawel” ever play T8 PMM tanks as it SURE don’t sound like it mate
      you sound just faking stupid NONE of the PMM are anywhere near not even close to the new Centurion RAC 5 or the Primo Victoria, STA 2, and etc on and on
      ……. never mind the stupidly OP new T8 HT’s in the last year ~ and lol the T8 Defender is worse that the PMM HT’s is that what your saying

  9. How is it the Super P gets a 202 mm gun buff
    but the Chinese HT’s & MTT’s only get a feeble 182mm gun penetration
    – If the Super P gets 202mm pen then surely ALL the other MT’s any Nation would get around the same?
    182mm gun pen at Tier 8 is embarrassing to say the least – I hate using Gold ammo you just watch credits disappear just so stupid to have rely on Gold ammo as AP not work reliably
    ** or are Chinese T8 premiums ALWAYS gonna be top tier and never see T8 ~ T9’s in which case 182mm pen is fine more than enough (but hey dreaming eh!

  10. Soon in 1 year every single premium will surpass the CDC and FCM in penetration even though it was their forte long ago. WG lets the products that they sell deteriorate quickly and present new and better ones shortly after.

    1. because every player will buy lowe, super pershing and amx cdc as their first premium tank, what’s weird there?
      they can be good and OP as bobject 268 v4, they will still suffer because they lack experience.

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