Personal Missions Second Front – Pictures of New Camouflages

Several new elements of external appearance have been added to the list of prizes of the second season of personal missions.
Completing a series of 15 missions with distinction will provide you with three types of camouflage for a prize vehicle, as well as the possibility of buying this camouflage for any vehicle in the same tech tree;
Fulfill the main conditions in the entire series, and you will receive three types of special camouflage only for the prize vehicle.
Object 279 (e)

0 thoughts on “Personal Missions Second Front – Pictures of New Camouflages

  1. Don’t get it?
    its just a special but same ‘as the vanilla’ camouflage with same camo value as any other normal camo ..
    now as a ‘reward’ for completion of a long difficult mission WHY cannot it be a little more extra special
    like maybe +15% extra camo over regular WOT camouflage then THATS the incentive
    otherwise I honestly cannot see why this is in any special, who cares and who looks at a mission reward camo on your tank when your firing shells around the battlefield
    especially if at some point your credit card gets involved with real money
    lol, really think WG is still in the sandpit playing with the other nursery kindergarten kids at times

    1. Camo is just a customization element that gives you concealment bonus based on a vehicle class. Historical camo usually looks pretty generic, because, well, it was supposed to do a specific function and it doesn’t need to be fancy. In game you just choose whatever camo you like the most. Enemies and probably teammates are not going to look at your generic camo, you’re doing this mostly for yourself. If you want to be fancy – put on some crazy colors or cool looking weird nonhistorical camo, that’ll get some heads turning, If you care about that.

      1. I love seeing the differences between WOT’s community and War thunders community, War Thunder players will gladly pay 30$ for new camo even if it does absolutely nothing and Wot players will just whine that the camo adds nothing special

  2. Sure, the good players need every bit of advantage to help them, God forbids they will have same camo rating as the common plebs, not enough help from super-equipment, directives and full “gold” ammo load. Now give them super camo.
    IMAO, special camo is fine like it is, without extra camo rating. Change it and it’s pay-to-win, like they wanted to do with emblems and inscriptions.

    1. Considering how much free camo has been tossed their way of late. Does it matter? And super camo? If the last campaign is anything to go by… this camo will increase it as much as the rental one will. I’ve not see anything posted anywhere that this will give the tanks 200% more camo.

    1. I wish it was a TD. Train the Charioteer crew in something that isn’t the AT-15A. I guess the Excalibur could work for that.

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