Supertest: Type 59, T-34-3, 112 and WZ-111 Changes

Another test of preferential MM tanks.
No major changes to what was published on the portal.  Type 59 and Type 59 Gold:

  • Reload time reduced from 8,342 s to 8,055 s;
  • Increased damage per minute from 1 798 to 1 862,2;
  • Increased rate of fire from 7,192 to 7,499 rounds/minute;
  • Improved aiming time from 2,21 to 2,01 s;
  • Corrected front turret armor from 200 to 230 mm;
  • Changed engine power from 520 to 580 HP;
  • Improved power-to-weight ratio from 14,44 to 16,11 HP/t.

___________________________________ T-34-3:

  • Tank description changed;
  • Increased penetration value of standard AP round from 175 to 182 mm;
  • Improved gun depression from -5° to -6,5°;
  • Increased speed of HEAT round (premium) from 640 to 720 m/s.

___________________________________ 112:

  • Increased penetration value of standard AP round from 175 to 182 mm;
  • Increased speed of HEAT round (premium) from 640 to 720 m/s.

___________________________________ WZ-111 and WZ-111 Alpine Tiger:

  • Increased penetration value of standard AP round from 175 to 182 mm;
  • Increased speed of HEAT round (premium) from 640 to 720 m/s.

0 thoughts on “Supertest: Type 59, T-34-3, 112 and WZ-111 Changes

  1. And the T-34-2 keeps on crying in the corner…
    WG should buff IT together with these buffs. The gulf betwee IT and the rest of the tier 8’s really is starting to get too big.

    1. 252U & 50TP>>>(Thickness of SerB’s wallet)>>>>>New OP t8s>>>>>normal t8s >>>>T-34-2>T-34-1

      1. 34-2 is lethal if you play it right…..aced on mannerheim in tier 10 battle 🤘…….super scouting

    1. Then the T32 needs a massive buff, because 198mm of pen vs tier 10’s doesnt really work…

  2. 182mm., to fight the 80% of the battles vs. Maus, 268-4, Type 5, S Conqueror hulldown… Where is the problem?

    1. hope I’m not mistaken, but all the above tanks won’t meet Tier X but yes, the pen is obsolete when fighting a Type 4…

    2. you realize they said these tanks will keep the premium mm after all right ?
      It’s still too little to fight against tier 9 heavies, but they wont have to fight any of the tanks you mentionned

    3. They all KEEP there PREFFERENTIAL MM at +1
      so only Tier 9 max
      WG officially published that 2 weeks ago on there WOT website
      >> but I do agree 182mm pen is pathetic from WG it should be 200mm ~ 205mm for all PMM at T8
      182 wont pen any weak spot at anything over 200mtr on T8 and above

  3. I’m of half a mind to grind and keep the T-34-2 just to show some solidarity to the little one, it has to be one of the most underrated and ridiculed tanks in the game by now.
    Why WG refuses to even mention it as a possible target for buffs is beyond me, if we take these buffs to Type into account, the only thing it has over Type 59 is probably camo and that it can swap the 100mm with the 122mm of the IS-2.

  4. The *minimum* Penetration for Any Medium Tank at tier 8 should be 205 mm of penetration
    or how else can you hope to pen any frontal weak spots on the newer T8 HT’s (never mind T9’s) and other heavy armoured vehicles this especially at 200mtrs+
    close-in brawling in T8 PMM MT’s is a quick way back to Garage, most corridor maps don’t allow any easy flanking not anymore

  5. What T-34-3 needs is mobility. But obviously, since it’s not soviet, it won’t get any real buffs.

    1. the depression buff is significant, and will be way more useful in battle than an extra few km/h or hp/t… “It wont get any real buffs” said the moron as a comment to one of the best buffs the vehicle can get outside of more pen.

  6. That is a start, but this is not enough at all to make these tanks competitive.
    Even when keeping their pref mm and even if they should stay worse than regular tier VIII tanks, this is underpowered.
    You cant be a tier VIII with sub-200mm penetration anymore. Thank the weakspot-less heavy tanks for that.

    1. Agreed. The armor meta has caused nothing but problems. If armor is increased enough to protect you from your own tier, then that probably means the tanks two tiers below can’t even get through with gold and the tanks two tiers above are going to pen you anyway. A complete lose-lose situation.
      For normal tanks, the solutions would be to limit the MM spread, change the maps to allow more movement/flanking, reduce team sizes (for the same reason as the previous), or to reintroduce the concept of frontal weakspots. And the rule should be that if you need gold to pen it, it isn’t a weakspot.
      For tanks with limited MM, its actually much simpler. Give them more pen. With enough pen, even the most awkward and underpowered POS (JT88 for instance) could be playable. And there’s hardly a risk of tanks like these suddenly becoming OP if their other stats remain this crappy.

    2. “You cant be a tier VIII with sub-200mm penetration anymore.”
      Those are some dangerous words. Even a sub-200 pen tank (usually a medium or light) can get the job done if the match draws on a bit and is not a 2 min faceroll, as those tanks have the camo and mobility to reach good positions where they can get side shots to the ‘corridors’ – yes I’m actually saying that it’s possible to flank on most maps, go ahead if you think I smoke socks.
      If such a tank ends up facing 1v1 a heavy, then someone messed up or did not do their job (for example, own team heavies got facerolled too quickly forcing the faster tanks into guerrilla tactics with low odds of victory).

      1. **if the match draws on a bit and is not a 2 min faceroll,**
        >> around 90% of battles in WOT are now turbo 4 minute slaughters …. ok?
        that leaves just 10% of the good games you may get to “shine in your under power T8 PMM tank”
        **camo and mobility to reach good positions where they can get side shots to the ‘corridors’ **
        >> camo counts very little at Tier 9 you get spotted fast ~ mobility? what mobility Type 59 as example has 2nd worst power-weight of any T8 MT
        **side shots into corridors** did you read this before you wrote this?
        >> there CORRIDORS with just 2 ends made on purpose by WG so as HT’s cannot get shot into sides
        a corridor in WOT is either a long depression in the ground where a tank is fully covered/ concealed or high hills/ mountains either side ~ side shots! like how! sit in the open space higher ground and enemy LET you shoot there HT’s into the sides?
        cannot think you actuality thought this through mate?

  7. I own both the 112 and the 111. The 111 is almost completely inferior to the 112 so giving it the same buffs as the 112 just shows you that WG doesn’t even know its own tanks or its game.
    They are just fkin lazy greedy bastards.

      1. Most people are stupid. I think the reason for it is most people still think of the 112 before the buffs when it was trash.
        The 111 has a whopping 100 more dpm, slightly better gun handling and speed but significantly worse armor. The 111 can’t even pen the 112 frontally without gold. The 111 can’t even sidescrape because of the stupid pike nose.
        You can say well it’s a heavy medium okay but you can say the same for the 112. I am not saying the 112 is OP because its nothing compared to all these new tier 8s but the 111 is objectively weaker.

    1. I don’t know how to convince you…but sometimes I wish my 112 go as fast as 111 in games….the minor difference are significant enough for me

  8. Those whole SEVEN millimeters of pen will make a world of difference when fighting against defenders, polish defender, type 4, mauschen ect.

  9. Buffs look ok to me. If they buff it too much then the same issues occur. Most of these tanks are fairly mobile so the extra pen will help with flanking.

  10. looks like they’re taking their time with this, good
    (and now that i said something positive about WG i shall ready my flame suit for the inevitable comments raging at me for not immediately shitting on WG)

  11. I don’t about the 112, WZ-111 and T-34-3, but agree for get it buff. As for the Type 59 and the Soviet, T-44-100, T-54 mod 1 and T-44, the penetration of the standard ammo, could those tanks get same penetration, which is 212, same as the tanks use the 90mm gun, as for premium ammo, also get slightly buff too, as for the armor buff, that will depend on the situation. Since others agree to get it buff, should get it buffed.

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