1.1 – New Inscriptions and Emblems


17 thoughts on “1.1 – New Inscriptions and Emblems

      1. Some people already dislike you/TAP so if you now speak about politics, it will only add more water in the boiling oil 😛


    1. Sabaton is a swedish band and their songs are mostly about war stories and epic battles from history of different countries. What exactly is “nationalistic and xenophobic” there? Just asking.


      1. The song about the nazi SS soldier Lauri Toerni. First Toerni was SS then an Amerikan murderer in Vietnam. There are more glorifying war criminals in their songs.


          1. Nice bit of commie propaganda/ disinformation…Lauri Toerni NEVER enlisted in the Waffen SS…he was a foreign student in a German officier school (run by Waffen SS),and had to wear the uniform of that school. Concerning the “murders” in Vietnam…he fougth the NVA / Viet Cong.

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