0 thoughts on “WoT – How to play the 50TP Prototyp

  1. How to Play the 50TP Prototyp:
    Step One- Enter your credit card information…

  2. Don’t buy this trash, Defender shits all over it. Balanced to compete with tier 6/7, which you’ll never ever see in this MM.

    1. Funny enough, I have just seen it in a battle that had tier 6 tanks in it, but I agree nonetheless, it’s empty hype on a mediocre tank.

      1. Hype-LoL. Queekybabey ran one of his typical vids where he just drives it around and blasts everything in his path. The Red team just drives into his sights and waits to die. That guy sold me a lot of shitty premiums when I was a noob.

        1. I am always amazed how the FECK do they find such clueless opponents.
          I mean, yes, I`m aware they are cherrypicking the matches they show, but even with that… I mean, on occasions I don`t get that bad opponents for days. How the hell do they find them all the time?

  3. Something called a Press Account, although I’m sure their regular accounts are free from “random modulations”.
    Win a couple of games, activate “personal reserves” and you will hit a wall of bounces, engine fires, ammoracks and even your tanks will get slow and sluggish.
    Lose a lot, rage quit for a couple of days, then lose some more and quit, and soon you will feel for a short while like Deadpool’s friend Domino, luck will shine on your every step, including long range snap shots and blind hits. Your type 4 HT will run like a Ferrari.
    This is an influence free account. This is how you get 60+ winrate and the great wins. You can only touch it for a limited time, he can live in it cause it sells tanks for WG.

    1. Damn, knew it. I bet those pesky unicums also have special RNG, it explains everything. It also means I don’t suck, it’s all rigged against me to favour unicums and wallet warriors. Oh wait, it fucking isn’t, some people are just dumb.

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