New Mobile Game By WG

Runegate Heroes: a new colorful MOBA/RPG from Wargaming.
Remember that last year, WG was massively absorbing mobile studios and opening new development centers, and in June 2017, Wargaming announced the opening of its mobile division — Wargaming Mobile. The mobile market brings a lot of money, at the moment WG Mobile having 4 separate mobile studios.
Wargaming has released a new project called Runegate Heroes on Google Play and App Store. At the moment it underwent a soft launch and is available only in Filipino and Finnish stores. The date of full release is unknown.
It’s a mixture of RPG and MOBA. In total, the game has more than 40 playable characters.

In your command during the 1v1 battle will be just 5 characters. The project is optimized for mobile platforms, so that each battle takes no more than 5 minutes.
In addition to the traditional genre of PvP, the game has a story and a PvE mode.
App Store (Finland only): link
Google Play: link

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