0 thoughts on “Weekly Ops: Rock 'n' Roll Out!

      1. There are janitors and street sweepers that can do a better job than WG EU, minus the looking good and being great at bullshitting customers aspect.

  1. Wow like wow!
    WG actually looking/ sounding rock and roll!
    and Almost into this decade – I was acutely was interested and pulled into the video
    the presentation was easily the best and most effortless presentation iv seen from WG
    I must be asleep and dreaming, lol this cannot be Wargaming, where has al that stiff stoic cardboard thin-smile trust me while looking bored and where is the Vodka WG shit PR we normal watch?
    (not complaining at all
    hope Kandly is ok
    however Sael is right up there with Kandly for a great job done.

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