Asia WoT server relocating from Singapore to Hong Kong

I wonder how the ping will (negatively) change. Please write new ping values in the comments below.
Source: ASIA Portal

„We’ve been working hard over the past few weeks to relocate Asia’s peripheral server from its former site at Singapore to Hong Kong, and we’re glad to announce that it’s finally done.
With this move, we’ll now be handling all connections in a location that services the region equally.

What does this mean for me?

In truth – not much. One tiny difference is that your server choices will now be displayed as either Hong Kong or Australia, instead of the former being Singapore.
Aside from that:

  • Hong Kong shares the same timezone as Singapore, so no impact on timed events (e.g. Global Map).
  • Depending on your location and ISP, latency may become slightly higher. With that said,
    • The Australia server is still available should you wish to connect to a server nearer to your location.
    • Lesser chance of cables getting bitten by pesky sharks (we hope).

Sounds interesting. Maybe I should try it out…

Good idea! Our first Mid-Week Skillful Play Bonus missions are still available, so it’s a perfect chance for you to grab those rewards while testing your new connection.
Also, keep an eye on the portal this Friday – we’re serving up something special that’s sure to make your weekend better.
Log in now and test out that new ping!”